Altered Wooden Coaster

I recently bought a set of wooden coasters , from a local charity shop i visit , virtually everyday !

The first photo is one before it was altered

And this is the final result.

I painted it with gold acrylic paint . Then stuck on a vintage green brooch ,a pearl bracelet , and a chipboard word , with images from an atc pad with glossy accents over the top .
I still have something to put on the back , so i can stand it up !

My first Art Doll Assemblage

Here`s my first go at doing an art doll assemblage.

It`s body is a vintage buckle and beads for the arms and legs . The head is an old watch face of a watch of mine , with a picture stuck in the back . It spells angel , with the old typewriter key , cork letter "g " , and 2 moon face charms for the feet, and a letter tile in the middle of the buckle.

The halo effect is done by flattening a bottle cap and colouring with alcohol inks in gold.

There`s not much to see of the beaded chain as well i put on so i can hang it up .

I got my inspiration from Jeanette Janson`s website , listed at the bottom of my home page.

This picture was emailed to her this morning , my time , as there`s a time difference of 5 hours approx.

here`s her own words that she wrote ...

I love this !! It`s adorable !

Don`t worry about people not "getting " what you`re doing. They will understand soon enough and admire your individuality.

I think you did a wonderful job on your first doll , it looks like you have a real vision for altered art.

I told her that my partner had seen nothing like it , and just got a " Hmm " from him ! That`s why she wrote the above back to me .

All i can say is ... a BIG THANKYOU to Jeanette for her comment , it`s given my self esteem a real boost !! And just to do what feels right for you , and if it " speaks " to someone else , then that`s an added bonus !

Lord of the Rings Artist Trading Card

I just thought i`d put this atc card i did for an "email friend " i sent to her on here.

She loves the films and books , like i do .

It was pretty simple to do and didn`t take long , as sometimes it seems to take me ages , as i chop and change my mind too many times , before being happy with the end result !
It`s actual cuttings from the book , with a small gold curtain ring stuck on , and aged abit with an ink pad , .... and that`s it done !
It`s one of three in a set , but i`ve not done the other two yet !

Altered mini puzzle

Here`s a mini game i accquired.

It`s 3 inches square , and the pieces did all come out for you to arrange the colours so no two touched each other !

My partner had a little go , and gave up doing it , so i glued them all in , then what did he want to do ? Have another go at it , and he couldn`t !!

So the puzzle hasn`t been done , before i got my hands on it to alter !

It consists of :

A scrabble tile

Vintage bingo number

Plastic game piece

Small playing card

Vintage button

Small dice encased in wire , with alcohol ink for discolouration

A felt piece , cut from a roulette game

Oriental Altered page

This one , i found abit more difficult !

I can do more "vintage" things easier than any other , so this took me a while to arrange before finally glueing !

It`s an old pamphlet , i found in a charity shop , and actually of Tatton Hall , in Cheshire , which i visited a couple of weeks ago ! Price two shillings on the front ! I hope it wasn`t worth anything !!

I used Joss papers , cut up , an actual jade pendant fish i had , but not worn , a fan , from a christmas cracker , with a cut up chopstick as the handle , a Kimono sticker with washi flower stickers , charms and Mahjong game piece.

I`m actually quite proud of the end result of this one !! ;o)

The second page that follows after the first one , in the same book , is a parisienne style spread.

I printed images onto coloured paper , along with a real postage stamp , and a circular mount at the bottom with another stamp stuck behing it covered with glossy accents .

i think they both turned out pretty good for my first attempt !

Altered book pages

Here`s some recent altered book pages i have done .

This was my first attempt at a "spread" . I stuck a few pages together , then painted them with acrylic paints , distressing them abit to , by dragging another colour over the base one.

I left some original text from the book to show. Just a line that stood out to me , then stuck on various things as you can see, music paper , vintage buttons , fabric swatch , chipboard frame , coloured with paint and 2 photos .


How it all began...

I thought i`d say how i got more into altered art .
It was back in January , when i was reading a card making magazine , and they featured website reviews they had visited and for the readers to have alook at.
I saw one , which i`ve put as one i like to visit , and buy things from , it`s
It had a good review , and the Alternative pound shop took my eye ! Never one to miss a bargain ! I had a look and ordered from Sarah-Jane , the owner of Fruit Pixie , and i`ve not looked back since ! She has free UK postage and a loyalty scheme going , which you can use to buy more things from her ! Also the delivery turnaround from her is the best i`ve had !
If you do have alook at her site , her Logo is Shorthand Hal , made of an atc card.
I had the idea of sending him a "girlfriend" , so he wouldn`t get lonely .
Here she is ..... Hal`s gal ..

Altered green bottle

So here`s the altered bottle i was on about.

I used 3 colours of alcohol inks , then put gold metallic mixative one on top with a little blender solution and this is the end result i got !

Around the front outside is gold leaf pen , to "frame " it all.What`s stuck on the front is actually an earring ! Can you believe that someone would want to wear those ? That was "found " at a usual stall i go to , at a local secondhand market.


Altered Brooch:
This is an altered copper brooch i did about 4 weeks ago.
I`m pretty new to using alcohol inks , but i love them !
It`s done with alcohol inks , 4 colours , with a vintage button stuck on then a metallic brad stuck over to hide the holes.
It looks better in the photo , as the scans light reflects the light pretty good.But i`m happy with the final result !
The brooch was bought from a local secondhand market for 75p - a bargain !
The alcohol inks are really good. If you can , try them out ! Virtually on any surface , and i`ve also got the metallic ones , and i`m having a go with those as well .
An altered bottle will be posted on soon !


So here`s the start of my blog !
I`ll be putting up things i have created from what people think of as rubbish , or "tatt " as my partner calls it !
I`ve just started doing altered art this year , and it`s highly addictive ! Looking for the things that people don`t want or use or have no use for them anymore, and put them to better use . Instead of it being put in a landfill site !
Watch this space ....