Happy New Year To You All !

I am busy getting ready for a
family gathering tomorrow -
So i want to take this time now
to wish you all a very Happy new year !
May 2009 bring you all have happiness , health ,
prosperity and creativity into your lives .
Wander from the normal path - and make your own ,
seek out new exciting adventures - just go do it -
even if your head says no - and your heart says yes .
There is no failure from it - just a learning process .
Be all you can be - and more .

See you in 2009 !!


Not another Christmas message !!

For those that viewed my last christmas

message - i remember Sherry saying

that it was better than the Queens speech !!

Which was quite a compliment for me !

I came up with another personal message

- just for you all ;o)

Wishing you all a very

Merry Christmas !!

Thankyou to all who comment

and the visits . From making new friends

and having support of all of those - i am

blessed to have you in my life .

If you don`t see your name - i

have not forgotten you - i would be

on forever with it - and being filmed

is "out of my box " - but just click on

play and ENJOY !!!

I will be back just before the new year -

Happy holidays everyone !!



" Violet "

Another pen and watercolour drawing .

I am winding down for a short break for
christmas - but i will be here now and then
between now and the new year .
Hopefully with another christmas message
for you all !


My cracker swap goodies have arrived !

I just got my cracker swap parcel from
Karen this morning - so i can show you
the cracker i created for her - and the gifts
i received from Karen !

What i remember - the cracker is about 15" long
with the material . Which can be reused again .

3 different kinds of material with
vintage music paper body , small
crochet doily and pink rose .

My gifts from Karen ... yummy
flocked wallpaper pieces and border
wallpapers ..

The massive cracker - which is made from a tin can !
Covered in vintage wallpaper ..

Inside was a chocolate ornament , white
chocolate hot drink - and some wonderfully
smelling spice sachet ..

Christmas napkin ...

Rolled vintage wallpaper pieces !
I in love with these !

A beautiful handmade brooch ...

Buttons , appliques , lace , ballerina girl

Handmade matchbox ornament - where she
is selling some in her Etsy shop now ..
And a cute vintage elf ornament .

And more buttons , bling millinery flower
and seam binding !

Thank-you so much Karen !
You were very generous in your gifts
for me - and i totally do love them all !
And i am sure i will be creating with
some of these pretty soon .
Thankyou for taking part - and you were
a great partner to have - and to create for .
An added bonus is - i made a new friend ;o)


" Maisey "

Pen and watercolours
on tinted Bocking ford paper .
You can click on to see the details .


Matryoshka Babies !

Although i do not buy many magazines -
the odd craft one for inspiration -
I do like to buy the odd one around
christmas time - to see what i could
buy - if i had the money , as most is out
of my price range !
It seems that matryoshka dolls " are in "
this season - or we know them better as
Russian dolls. I have a nesting Russian doll
myself - bought for me when i was one year old ,
and have memories of playing with it .
So i thought i would make my own version
yesterday afternoon .

A set of Christmas baby matryshka`s -
made from felt and vintage ribbon
on a velvet hanger .

Then i decided to do a smaller one -
as a keyring - but with hair this time !!
My other half said the baby ones should have
hair - but i didn`t want to put any on !! ;o)

I`m in the process of adding these

last two items to my SHOP

and reducing some christmas items .

So if you fancy something different to

hang on your tree - please pop by !

More items will be added in the new year .


Cracker Peak ...

Thankyou to all who took part
in my christmas cracker swap .
The last posting date is today -
unless you have discussed it previous
with your partner . I do hope you
enjoyed yourselves - while making new
friends along the way ;o)
I have just posted out my creation
to Karen - along with many other
items - i`m hoping that she will love it all !
So as to not give away too much - here is a
couple of sneak peak photo`s

And a close up of her cracker ...

Hopefully now i can get back to
creating something - as i have neglected
this for a while !
Enjoy your weekend !


Walking In A Winter Wonderland ...

It`s beginning to look alot like
Christmas ! And i always have the
tune Winter Wonderland pop in my head
when we get snow ! An amount fell
during the early hours of this morning -
so i was out taking a few snaps - as it is
rare we have a good snowfall ! And the walk
was embracing - the good kind - where your cheeks
go red and tingle a little ...

Abandoned barbecue in a garden

View from the next street near my home.

Driveway up to a local farm house .

It`s slowly starting to melt now - but i do hope
that we get another snowfall ..
I`m in for the day now .. sipping a cup of
warming coffee .. and finishing my handmade
cracker - sneak photos to follow !


Happy December !!

The first of the final month - for 2008 .
And hasn`t it flown by too quickly ?

There`s a decidedly nip in the air and Jack Frost
is visiting - i`m just waiting for the snow !! ;o)

Here are two images - for you
to use as you wish ..

A Christmas one ...

And a Christmas free zone one !

Enjoy !!