* photo taken by myself - while out
and visiting a farm shop / tearoom .


This is my favourite creation - so far ...

" Woodland Scene "
fabric / felt postcard.
Size approx 6 x 4 "
Created on cotton fabric -

painted - including metallic - if you can view
the shimmer in my photo ;o)

Material / fancy fibre tree ...

Vintage flowers with sead bead centers ,
teeny tiny felt mushrooms and beads -
pearlised 1 cm real shell as the snails home .
All hand sewn by myself , except for the " grass "
and felt " border "

I know it`s early - but i`ll take this
opportunity to wish you a happy weekend .
I`m feeling a little " off " - have been the past
couple of days , and i would like to
organise my craft room and declutter
over this coming weekend - list some
supplies from my destash - and place the
above postcard in my shop - hopefully
next monday - unless there is interest here -
do get in touch !!
T.F.L !!


A gorgeous poppy bloom ..

Taken this morning - by kind permission
of a neighbour . I`m not sure of the variety -
so if anyone knows out there -
I would love to know !!
Thanks !!


" Blush Wild flower " felted applique .
Size 5 " x 7 "
applique panel size - 2.5 " x 3.75 "
On a piece of green wool blanket - i felted myself .

Mint green vintage seam binding
sewn - ready to hang .. below 2 photos are clickable
to see the details .

Pale green vintage nylon piece

hand painted cotton material ,
vintage applique flower , various beads
sequins hand stitched on
and machine stitching in parts .

Available in my shop now !
T . F . L !!


More W I P ...
One of two - i am currently working on ..

And to you all ....



More drawings i did the other day ,
nothing in my head with ideas , i just went
with the flow ..
Big apple - little apple ..

This i made into a card ...
I`ve not thought of a title for it yet -
And i may adapt it for another one .
Can you guess how i made the tree ??

Would you believe a mini paper muffin case !! ??
Just 6cms in diameter .
I had bought them because i loved the design -
there was a purple / pink version of it too . I had not
opened them , so i decided to use them in my art !
What do you think ??

And finally - i have listed my Love Blooms
fabric hanging . It is my most expensive piece
i have listed so far ... and i know sometimes it
can be difficult to price items ..but i know fellow
artists and buyers who love handmade items
will appreciate the time taken and effort in making
these . It is HERE to view

Have a wonderful day !!


A few simple things - that make me smile today ....

My first sweet peas blooming - and
they very much remind me of happy
times spent in my grandads garden -
and smelling the heady scent .

Butterfly lavender - attracting many bees .

Plum tomato waiting to ripen - and be eaten !!

Bell peppers - just 6 cm in length -
they`ve been like this for a couple of weeks now -
i`m waiting to eat these too ;o)

What will make you smile today ??


" Love Blooms "
11 " x 10 "
Fabric wall hanging / art quilt .
I got the inspiration from my only
copy of Sew Somerset . Where an artist had painted
and stitched on a piece of material .
So i worked on this for the past 4 days -
doing bits here and there .

I backed it with a natural cotton material
and bound with mint green binding .

hand stitched my name , various machine
stitches in contrast colours, and beaded a
vintage crochet piece

Beads , sequins , material / fibre scrap

Vintage buttons and mother of pearl
disc . The below photos are clickable .

I will be placing this in my
As soon as i decide on a hanging and price for it !
T . F . L !!


W I P - sneak peak ..
I hope to have this finished soon !
Something new for me .. as i
love to try out new techniques
and see what the end result will be .


Coin Felt Purse ..

I had felted a wool blanket weeks ago now ,
and i decided on making some sort of a purse .

" Woodland Green Coin Purse "
size when closed 4 " x 3 "

I added 3 colours of vintage nylon to
make a rosette and a vintage button too .

And it is lined with new / vintage material -
and a press stud fastening .

I have neglected my shop - so this is
being listed and coming soon - some
original drawing cards of my pen / oil pastel
drawings shown on the below posts .

The purse is HERE

T.F.L !!


Inspired from my holiday - the Norfolk
countryside - i put random poppy heads in
one field and created different looking trees
" Teardrop Lollipop "
Pen / oil pastel .

** T.F.L **


Just a quick small drawing i did
last night.
And created this - just for you ...


Apology`s to my readers - as a week has nearly
passed by since i last posted .
I am just dealing with other health / home
issues and my computer time is a thing that
i have neglected .

While away on holiday - i purchased an old
childrens book , as i look out for them and i
use them as inspiration . Illustrations inside
were ones i had not seen before - they were pen
and crayon and child like in their content .
So i was inspired to have a go - with my drawing
pen and use oil pastels instead .

" The Wait "
5.5 x 8 "

I love the simplicity and the way the pastel
lines the paper missing parts .
Thanks for looking - and enjoy your day !


Part Two ...

We were recommended by some locals
to visit Holkham Hall

We spent most of tuesday there - as it
had it`s own private beach too !
What`s more - we found out that we could
take photographs inside the home - which is
quite rare - so of course i went crazy snapping
away ! ;o)
Most photos are clickable ..

Just inside were boards advertising that

they had done filming there in 2007 -

For this film .....

Has anyone seen this ??

I`m afraid i have not - yet .

Grand marble entrance ...

Another board in the Saloon room
showing Keira Knightly and Ralph Fiennes

And the costumes worn by them .

One of the living rooms - as it is a lived
in house - wouldn`t you love to live here ?

ornate gold mirror

Gold bed canopy ..

And a long corridor which ran the
whole length of the house .

It was a magical place , set in acres of grounds
and a lake , with a pub and houses inside the grounds too .
we had to drive 2 miles to go and see their own
private beach ...
The sea was too far out , so we sat
amounst the sand dunes

and i enjoyed the sand between my toes ;o)

Another day was spent at
Blenheim Palace near Oxford .
Built in 1705 - and the birth place
of sir Winston Churchill .

No photographs were allowed inside -
but the grounds and gardens made up
for that ...

The butterfly house ..
i know someone out there who
would have love this too ;o)

And while on the lakeside walk -
i got my first snap of a dragonfly ;o)

I hope you enjoyed my photo`s -
and have a good weekend !