" Autumn Glory "

Canvas / fabric tag
size 3 x 5.5 "

This is something new i have created
with - and i have to say - i love it !
I bought a roll of sheet canvas - the sort that
normal canvas`s are made from - 40cm by 2m long.
There are so many possibilities to create with this -
i have quite a few ideas - and i found out - it`s great to
sew with !!
I guess i have autumn on my mind too !!

I painted the canvas gold them ran an ink pad

over it .

The back has material sewn on
after the front was completed .

sprig of dried gypsophelia

paper leaf , faux berry and some

kind of dried acorny type thing ;o) Ahem ;o)

This is my last post for a few days ...

Our last bank holiday weekend has arrived -

and we are going away HERE again !!

An unexpected short stay in a beautiful hotel !

See you all soon !!


I saw this on another blog - via a blog
and another - you know the story -
you click on one link and then another .

Something to think about ....


Not Just For Food ...

Earlier this morning - i have been busy dyeing
lace for future projects . I found i had LOADS
of white / cream and i wanted to use them - but
it wasn`t the correct colour. I had read about doing it
yourself - so i have had a go - and with some
great results !
I used food colouring !! So i thought i`d share it
with you ;o)

Here is a cotton piece in a bowl - i just added
a tiny amount of water .. Squeezed it out -
with disposable gloves on - i might add !!

All drying on the kitchen table ..

What some pieces looked like before ....

And the result after .. .
I love the top right one best - a lovely
teal colour ...

I had some blue left in my bowl -
so i added a few drops of red - and viola - purple !!
On a few snippets of cotton lace .

I also tried net lace - and this came out
2 toned blue ;o) I didn`t think it would
take - as it is mostly synthetic -
but it`s trial and error . There are a few pieces that
i wasn`t happy with - so i`m going to redye them .
Later i am trying brown .

And on a couple of small felted pieces too .

So if you want your own dyed cotton lace - why not give it a try ??


" Joy "
small chunky canvas

size : 4 x 5 " x 1.5 " deep

Pen drawn girl - skipping with a
daisy chain . Acrylic paints and sealed with
gloss medium .
Capturing a simple childhood pleasure
and something we forget as we get older !!
The first 3 photo`s are clickable ...

The girl is 2.5 " high -

Little red shoes -

Painted on modge podged craft thin
card - and the pattern still shows through
an effect that i wanted .

My joy`s today :
having my first cup of coffee ,
working on my first fabric journal page
and my other half telling me we are going
away for a couple of days next week !! ;o)
What are your joy` s ??


I`d like you to meet ..
Olivia .P. Hooter !! ;o)

Pen watercolour drawing -
9 x 7 "
and maybe you`re wondering why i
named her that ?

Because i asked my other half what name should
i call her - and he suggested

Hooter !!

*** The P doesn`t stand for anything either -

i just put that in ;o) ***

Also listed all of my new vintage wallpaper

digital college sheets HERE

Special offer of £ 1.30 - approx $ 2 !


Would you believe it - here is
my 400th post ! ?
Just over 2 years blogging -
and i am still here ;o)

So to mark this celebration -
some of my furry friends have joined
us .... ** Giggle ** ;o)

And for you all who have joined in ....
or happened to stumble upon my blog ..

I just wanted to thank all of my
loyal readers - who have visited . All
of your comments and encouragement ,
for the friendships i have made on here -
Without this blog , i would not have met
so many wonderful people . It is one of the
best things i have done in my life .

Although sometimes you have a love / hate
relationship with your blog , the time it eats
away , when you could be doing other things .
It out weighs that when you meet , read other
blogs and have inspiration and support from
fellow bloggers .
I do appreciate each and everyone of you -
and i give you a big cyber hug .
So thankyou to my followers - old and new ...

It is " tradition " - to have some sort of a giveaway
and to be honest , it has prayed on my mind a little.
I knew this was coming up .. and i was thinking of
what i could do for a giveaway . Some of you know
i am unemployed - the past 8 long months now -
and without any funds to post items off , i hit a
brick wall - should i say something on here , like i am
doing now ? Not bother and let the post past by with no
word of it ??

No - so here i am offering a little something .
I have created more vintage wallpaper digital college
sheets - all at the top of my side bar to view .
Anyone who wishes to have one - can do so ,
just leave your choice in your comment on here only -
my email button is there too incase i do not have a
way of contacting you .

I`m leaving this open until sunday morning - my time.
Then i am listing the rest at a special price to
purchase from monday .

Thanks for stopping by -
and enjoy your weekend !!



Lid Shadow Box ...

" Nest " shadow box
4" square .

I created this inside a wooden frame
that was from a trinket box - using the lid .
It had something else inside - so i removed it
and thought it would make a perfect shallow
shadow box .
You can still see the lid closure below -
used as a hanger for it .

Vintage wallpaper is behind the small nest -
paper roses , moss , real twig , feathers
and half cut eggs with a pale pink vintage
seam binding hanger

T.F.L !!
** btw - my next post is --- my 400th one !!


Hoot !

I was inspired to make an owl brooch
from this blog

A Japanese owl brooch .

It`s the first item i have made from a
tutorial on another artists blog ..
Are they not cute !! ? ** Giggle **
Made from a triangle - i changed it a little ,
by rounding off the edges .

Both have a real twig branch is 3 " long ..
This was my first attempt ...

using vintage material - and a sewn pin on the back
with 2 vintage buttons for the eyes .

My second one - minus a pin ...

A great way to use fabric scraps up !
Why not have a go yourself ! ?


Some new digital collage sheets

i have created .

Vintage wallpaper pieces - as i know -

and you may also - that they are hard to come by .

So i have made these to print out yourself ,

sometimes i hate to cut into a roll to use it !

These 2 available so far .... .

both as a set for £3.75 - in my SHOP


I haven`t done a canvas in a while ..

So here is the latest one ...

" Effervescence "

Chunky canvas - size 7 x 9.5 "

textured canvas - with acrylic paints

Below 2 photos are clickable ...

With white metallic paint overlaid in places.

Thanks for popping by -
and enjoy your day !!


We had another garden visit recently .
Charlecote Park sensory garden .
It started off sunny .. and i got these few before ..

A light shower began ....
So we sheltered in here ...

With a view like this

After the rain ....

Mother nature still at it`s best !!
Have a great day !!