Leather owl keyring / charm
size - 5 " long - not inclu clasp
3 " widest point .

Hand stitched - with sore fingers in
the process ! Deep red leather with eyes and
beak in other leather pieces / colours
lightly stuffed

Lobster clasp

One of the items for sale -
for breast cancer awareness month
this October .
I`ll see you thursday with more
items and up coming news !!


Canvas ribbon bookmark

I cut this vintage fray free ribbon in half -
the other half had yellow flowers - and i
stuck it to a piece of cut canvas from a roll .

Sealing it all and put coral pink handmade
paper on the reverse.

Punched a hole at the top
and added a small piece of leather .

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend !


" Changes "

2.5" squared clear acrylic magnet
recycled - it had another picture inside-
by prising out the front - aging vintage
ledger paper , lace and a butterfly image
with a dictionary word .

You have a very quick and easy make !

And this is a keyring - i made for

No tassle this time - i platted it instead .

The colour of the leather is this -
a gorgeous deep olive .

Have a great weekend !!



Large bead keyring .

Length -6.5" not inclu ring .
Beads 1 "

Made with soft sage green leather

I made my own tassle - reversed the
leather to show the suede side . Next 2
photos are clickable

3 large beads - 1 chennille

2 pearl glazed .

I also have another colourway made
for October`s breast cancer awareness
month - to purchase - so watch out for it !!


" Harmony "

Winged cocoon felt assemblage.
size 6 x 5 "
made on white felt , a piece
from a lacey knitted scarf -

organza / lace stuffed cocoon - with a vintage
dictionary word inside , fibres and feathers
mother of pearl button .First 2 photos are clickable ...


A teaser of what i`m creating for
October`s Breast Cancer awareness month !!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone !!



Pocket Owl .
Size 4.5 x 4 "

Made from a piece of vintage material
bed sheet i purchased some time ago
and decided finally to cut into it !!

Two Wit - is the mother ...

Holding her baby - Two Whoo !
Do i hear any groans in the background ! ? ;o)

Hand sewn from felt -
just over 2" high .

I just love the pattern of this -
has an autumn feel about it !!

Autumn is definately on it`s way !!


Uplifting - thought provoking lyrics.
Each day is a gift .


"Precious "

Assemblage - created inside a glass domed
metal flat backed case - 2 .75 " diameter .
I purchased 2 of these - that had prints of
old classic paintings inside on thick card .
I managed to prise the back out -
which is a lovely mustard velvet - and
wanted to keep precious items displayed inside.

The back is fragile vintage wallpaper -
although you cannot see much of it .
Vintage millinery flower , glass button -in a pale pink
a piece of delicate vintage and tatted lace .
Along with an inked vintage dictionary word .
A ring at the top - with 2 shades of vintage
seam binding .

Funds going to Breast Cancer UK


Early yesterday morning was a beautiful
sunny start , and i was admiring my
re blooming orchid plant . It has more heads
on it now , than when i got it in January -
and at least another half a dozen to open !
I gazed outside and saw something glistening -
so i took my camera ...

A spider had spun it`s web on our wall and
gate in numerous places .

And even from the gate to the back
side of our car parked in the drive !!
How did it do that !! ?
Webs always amaze me , from such a tiny creature
they create something so delicate and beautiful .

We also have a resident spider -
hanging around outside my kitchen window.
If you`re squeemish - i apologise -
i have watched it from inside - make it`s web
eat and maintain it`s home and grow larger.
On this occasion - i managed to snap it -
on others it would climb up and hide .

It was quite hard to capture - as there
was a reflection on the window - so many
photos later ...

He`s coming to get you !! ;o)
This is an under shot .

And here i videoed him .

Have a wonderful weekend everyone !!


Ground zero

Remembering all those who lost their lives in the 102
minutes - the effect on loved ones - family - friends -
people around the world ...
8 years on ...


" Winter Roses Blue " brooch .
5 " wide - inclu leaves -

Roses made from my felted dyed wool - again ;o)
Handmade and scattered seed beads

randomly sewn on petals .

recylced brooch pin on the back
and a couple of felted leaves .

"Winter Roses red " brooch .
I did the same for this brooch
4.5 " widest point and a safety pin enclosure.

And just listed in my SHOP


" Moody Blue "

Hand sewn small felted applique .
size approx : 2.5 x 6 "

Made on a piece of felted wool blanket-
that i dyed myself . Adding bits of dyed crochet
trim , velvet and vintage buttons -
of which i started then completed when we got
back from our short break .
Photos to follow next week !

Sequins and a pearlised glass leaf .

* swift on a telephone wire outside my home.

Happy Labour Day weekend to my

US and Canadian readers too !!