New Year Wishes ..

Yup - it`s that time of year again !!

Time for an appearance from moi ;o)

Not one for really being in the limelight - but

seen as though i did not do my christmas video -

this one i thought will make up for it ;o)

Enjoy your celebrations on new years eve -

and i hope all your wishes and hopes comes true

for the coming new year ....

If i seem a little " stiff " - i woke this morning

with a pulled neck muscle !!

And i hadn`t been doing anything - honest !!

I hope you enjoy it !! ;o)

Hugs to you all ..



" Love`s Bond " card
size 4 x 6 "
I do hope that everyone had a happy
Christmas - and yet again a new year is fast approaching us .
My creative time has been sparked by a new book i had
bought by Ruth Rae .. Layered Tattered and Stitched .
A first project to try was a scrap card - and i made this today .
I changed it slightly - why should you exactly copy
something out a book - when it should inspire you to change and put
your own mark on an item ?

Muslin painted with gesso , scrap material -
text and organza heart , inked edges .

Vintage text

I hope to list this in my shop soon !!
Dare i say - an option for a valentines card ! ?

Christmas is fast approaching , the time when
we all are busy organising , shopping and
spending time with loved ones.
So i want to wish you all

A very Happy Christmas !!

I wish you all a peaceful time -
full of love laughter and joy ;o)
I am taking a break - until next week -
but i have these 2 last photos to show ..

A robin on a neighbours hedge -
yesterday morning ..

A house i saw one of my walks - dressed up
women mannequins !! Isn`t this great ! ??

A huge thankyou - to all who visit here -

taking time to comment , means so much to me ;o)

I hope you get all that you wish for ... and more !

Enjoy yourselves !!



We`ve had a fall of the white stuff !! ;o)
I ventured out this morning- and i have a question on my
video - for a certain someone out there !! * Giggle *

Here i am - cold - wet - listening to

Debussy on my I-pod - but happy !! ;o)

If you have snow - stay safe - and warm !

Happy weekend to you all !!



" Bird Cage " necklace .
I was browsing a magazine last week ,
and i saw a silver necklace in the shape of a
birdcage with leaves and 2 birds on . It was in the Christmas section
of things to buy as presents . The only thing was the price tag
that put me off ! So i got inspiration to make and change it
slightly .

Mine is silver metallic fimo - that took me quite
a while to cut out - and i was happy with !
I added a small flower charm , then rolled muslin
and sewed silver thread through it .

2 small beads for eyes ..

I`m really happy with the result -
and of course saving myself some money !!


Another good day last week , to get out and about
and see what i saw through my lens ..
I am drawn to trees at the moment . Their organic nature ,
the way they continue to grow through the seasons .
See more changes in their lifetime - than we will ever do -
of their enviroment . Those that shed leaves - lie dormant in
waiting for spring and are " reborn " - like flowers - giving
a sense of renewed hope and anticipation ..

Reflections ....

A hello - from a horse ;o)

I found my Joy that day ...

I hope you find yours today !


Fimo Robin ornament .
Made from fimo and baked in th oven . I added
an image from last years christmas card ( paper insert )
and sealed it with modge podge , added a festive
ribbon - et voila !
This is a part present - winging it`s way - you know
who you are ! ;o)
I rushed doing the photo`s - so they`re not the best !

Next i made a christmas pudding from felt .

felted wool holly leaves , glittery pom pom
and sewed beads on before sticking it down

Have a great weekend !!


" Waiting for santa "
Pen / watercolour drawing .
Size 8 x 5 "

Two nestled robins in paper chain waiting for santa
to arrive !! ;o)


Saturday was perfect - to venture out with
my camera. I walked for only over an hour , but it
seemed much longer , enjoying the scenery , solitude and music
on my I-pod . We have a place called Fullneck
Moravian settlement Est 1744 , where there is a tiny village
church and private school - where the actress Joanna
Lumley attended .

I came arcoss this gated house in extensive grounds
- this would be a wonderful place
to live - would`nt it ? !

View up from the public footpath behind the house ..
and where i sat on a dry stone wall taking in the views .

The sun going down through the woods ...

I hope you enjoyed your weekend too !


My latest whimsy robin watercolour
" The Christmas present "
Size 6x5 "
Pen / watercolours ..

If you`d like this cut version to print out
and use for tags .. I will gladly email it to you !
Personal use only please ....
A sort of a freebie - as i noticed it is my 450th post !!

I know i am WAY behind on visiting most of you -
I am just busy with job hunting , so thanks for
being so patient - and still visiting here to see
what i am up to !