" Forever Friends "
Watercolour / pen drawing

To all my readers and blog friends
Enjoy the weekend !


My Heart Song ....

A Miniature assemblage done with
a vintage cigar box 2.25 " x 3.5 "

" My Heart Song "

using vintage lace - wallpaper piece -
ledger paper - millinery flower -
real twig and found jewellery pieces .

Created because - nature makes my heart sing -
And never cease`s to amaze me .


Little Bluebirds ..

I did some more watercolour and
pen drawings the other evening - and
some were created on card blanks . On 5" square
hammered cream card .

No doubt you know i love birds ;o)
and i came up with these fluffy bluebirds .
I have put a coat of iridescent medium
on a select few - the birds and some of the flowers -
but i`m not sure if these show up in the scans .

An Easter postcard size bluebird -
where a message could be written in the
white cloud ..

And this is a piece i created for

Fun Friday challenge . We had to create

a card with the intent of giving it to our

other half . On 300gsm watercolour paper

and sentiment rub on . A message can be

written on the reverse - as it is not an open fold one .

I am offering 2 of these in my SHOP

Within the next 24hrs
The rest i have plans for ...

If anyone wishes to have an original
card for a gift - or to keep for yourself
and maybe frame it . Please pop by or
give me a holler ;o)


" My Heart Is Hope "

Box lid assemblage 5.5 " x 5"

Hanging on vintage aubergine seam binding
ledger paper and crochet lace .
Twig and peony flower on vintage velvet leaf .

With a hanging butterfly - that is attatched
to a button

That can be removed and carefully
placed in between the twigs - for a
different look .

A big thankyou to those who have
commented so far on my below assemblage .
They are fun to create !!


Family - Bird assemblage

" Family "
Created in a 5 " square box bottom .

Vintage ledger paper background -
real twig branch - green vintage flocked ribbon
and velvet leaf and handmade nest .

handmade birds from a vintage book -
on fabric - lightly stuffed

So you can change the look of the assemblge
when you wish ..

Have a wonderful weekend everyone !!


I created some handmade cut tags
for Fun friday challenge - and the
theme was flourishes ...
I partly had Valentines day in mind -
so one could be used for that and the
other i left plain .
The flourish part of mine is on the red
diamond card - some gorgeous flocked
card i bought which is on top of sewn
vintage dotted swiss fabric and pom pom trim.
These are big tags 3" x 5" and would make an ideal
alternative to a card gift for valentines or
any other occasion .

I have listed these in my SHOP
along with these 2 new digital college
sheets for Valentines and Easter .


Where Beauty Dwells ..

12" x 6" deep edge canvas .

" Where Beauty Dwells .. "

Collaged papers and acrylic paints
handmade torso and vintage flocked ribbon
to hide some modesty ;o)

Note to self :
Don`t ask a man who`s a " boob " person ..
as he said why are they not drooping !!

Gauze ribbon and deep aubergine seam
binding with a small metal buckle ..

Vintage dictionary letters


Thankyou for all the get well wishes ...
They were heartwarming to read and know
that you care ...

Like a blooming rose ...

I am feeling fragile around the edges still ..
And getting stronger every day ..
Itching to get back to creating things ...
And do some catching up ...

In the meantime ...

This altered envelope has been waiting
Made for Fun Friday challenge over a week ago.
Alter an envelope anyway you wish .
My mind back then was the new year , new
beginnings ahead and i think of springtime .

Collaged papers on watercolour paper ,
vintage image , lace and millenery flowers.
Placed on a 4" square envelope with a seam
binding hanger

And i realised that my 350th post has just gone by ..

So ... the first person in a comment to say

that they would like this envelope - it is yours !


Quick Update..

Thank you to everyone who helped
me celebrate my birthday !
It was great to see my regular
readers and some new ones join in .
You were all wonderful !
Unfortunately i have caught a flu bug -
and i will be laying low for a few days -
i haven`t felt this ill for years ..
Be back soon .....


The Party Is Under Way !!

The final prepping has been done ...
And now my " Oscars`s style "
birthday bash is under way !!

Welcome to you all - and i`m sure we`ll
all have a ball today !!

Here i am being collected ...

And just a quick peak inside for you ;o)

Here`s one of my date`s and getting ready
to open the door for my entrance ...

0 -0 - 7 ( heaven ) Daniel Craig

So - why don`t you all follow me and
let`s go into the champagne reception room...

And maybe you can nibble on some
chocolate covered strawberries ?

Or some of the Hors d` oeuvre's

Instead of a large birthday cake -
I had these cupcakes made ...
They look too good to eat - don`t they ?

I decided on an outfit that is something i

wouldn`t wear normally - but still with
some wow factor ! A white and black lace
tiered overlay dress - minus the top hat !!

Jimmy Choo shoes - what else ! ?

Diamond choker necklace ...

And beaded evening bag ...

Call me greedy ;o)
But i couldn`t decide on my toy boy date -
and i am just that bit older than both !!

So i`m having 2 today !!
I`m allowed that are`nt i ??

The dashing Daniel Craig ....

But wait who`s this !! ? .....

When i told you Hugh - to have a wash and brush up
for my day - i didn`t mean to stay like that !!
Well ... maybe later - but don`t tell everyone else !

Two minutes later ...
That`s better Hugh ;o)

Does anyone fancy having a go on the
piano ?? These 2 guests make it look
like so much fun !

Now it`s time to play another game ..
In the casino room ... How do you
fancy your chances when ....

I have Daniel at the table ...
" If you don`t let the birthday girl win -
I`ll use my pistol !! ;o)

Amoungst the guests -
Hugh Laurie is so excited to be here !

Mr Bean is here as well !!

Now he should be entertaining !!

And the star of the film " Twighlight "

Robert Pattinson .

I think i know who`s date this will be -Rhonda !! ?
I`m loving the red velvet jacket ! Do you think he`ll
notice if i borrow it ! ??

I picked out some personal gifts

for a few of my guests ... as a thankyou for
attending today ....

This is for Meggie - a red hat beaded bag ...

For Rhonda .. A french vintage beaded

evening bag ...

For Pea - a limited editon Prada fairy bag ...

For Sherry - what else - but a gorgeous
butterfly evening bag !!

And for the rest of you ...
A diamond heart white gold necklace ...

Hugh is just thanking everyone that
attended today ... and quietly slips away ...

And Hugh wants to escort me home soon -

where`s Daniel gone ?

I see Daniel`s giving Hugh the evil eye
from the bar !! Now now boys ...

So .. i guess now is the time to part ...
we`ll all have a last glass of champagne
and watch the sun setting ...

I do hope you have enjoyed your time -

all that champagne has gone to my head !!

And this is why i was " missing " for a while ..

Just checking everything is present and correct !!

It`s been so much fun putting this together .
Guess it was just a little too much for Hugh -
he`s waiting for me on my sofa ... to have
our own private celebration alone !! ;o)
And us more " mature " party goers know how
to celebrate ! Don`t we girls !!

My party goers will be added below -

so you can visit them all ..

Pea `s can be seen HERE

Meggies can be seen HERE

Rhonda`s can be seen HERE

Dianne`s can be seen HERE

Susie Q can be seen HERE

Noelle`s can be seen HERE

I will be doing the rounds now and during today
to visit you all - thankyou for taking your time to
help me celebrate my day - it makes it feel
more special than " just another day ".

Have fun !!