What do you do when you have a nice summer

blouse that does not fit you anymore ! ??

Why you .. repurpose it of course !!

I hadn`t worn this as it was tight on my arms

so i thought of a way to reuse it ..

And came up with this lined cushion cover !!

I cut the main body as it had ruching stitching

and the buttons on the front act as the closure

at the front - so not messing about with a zip !!

So easy to do !! ;o) Just cut to size of the cushion pad you

have then sew all 4 sides up ...

Mine fits an Ikea " Irma " pad which is 14 " square ...

I also lined it with white cotton material from a

pillow case i didn`t use ;o)

I then made a fabric flower from circles . some

folded into quarters and sewed it on , then added

a couple of hand felted leaves...

Back view .. with some ruched detail already on the blouse

Inside view where i lined it .. it needed

a lining as the blouse material was thin ..

So i`m offering this to purchase ;o)

OOAK neutral dotty flower lined cushion cover

14 " square and will fit an "irma " Ikea

cushion pad - an excuse to go visit the place maybe ! ? lol

All cotton apart from linen in the flower i made and i would

handwash it warm .

Price includes shipping £ 8.00

Hope everyone has a great weekend !!


Flowers ...

With the weather being so nice .. I have been

outside in our gardens trying to put more

colour into them and along with a general

tidy up too ..

New front planter that i stained and created

and a couple of the neighbours came for a " nosey "

and said the loved it ! ;o)

small coated metal container .. made for under a fiver

now how much would a garden center charge for it !! ??

So with flowers still on my mind..

I finished this altered postcard ..

Gesso paint then stamped while still wet ..

various papers , butterfly stamp and watercolours.

The grid texture below is left over roll from

when we have some plaster work done ..

sticky on one side , white and can be painted or

whatever you think of to do to use a roll of it up !!

Thanks for popping by ;o)


Spring Bunting Swap pieces.

I am taking part in a spring bunting swap that Amy

is hosting and i decided to take part in it .

It`s something i have never tried myself so it

was alittle challenge for myself to come up

with something ! I decided on fabric bunting , as we

could do any art media to create them ...

We send 5 pieces in , then Amy mixes them

and you get a complete bunting of other participants work .

sent back to you ..

I created 3 of these , varying the flower colour / button

and ribbon

Then 2 of the same of a pink version

Something completely different to what i

create .. and no birds , eggs or a nest in sight !! ;o)

Thankyou Amy and i cannot wait to get my

complete bunting back and see all the other

artists work !!