Mixed media on canvas / board - A4 size

Hand dyed muslin pieces sewn onto a piece of

canvas roll , sequins and various fibres

and gold thread hand stitching .

Then cut down to A4 size and glued onto a piece
of acid free matt board .

I have been having a little bloggy break -

and now a bank holiday weekend is coming up .

We are going away for a couple of days -


Never been before , but it has excellent reviews
and we`re near the beach ! ;o)
I hope everyone has a good weekend !

Altered game piece necklace.
17" long on a faux blue suede thong .

Using a mini domino piece and mahjong
game piece , alcohol inks in blue / yellow / brown and silver.
I love using alcohol inks , the way they go on any slick surface
and merge together creating many unique effects .

And finally a couple of shots of some
new plants i have in a tub -Persian Buttercups .
A pinky / red just budding open ..

And a yellow variety ...
I`m in love with these flowers ;o)
Have a happy weekend !!


Cascade Dragonfly necklace.
Length 28 " with a drop of plus 4 "

Long chained necklace - made from other jewellery
found pieces i had , apart from the new chain and
heavy cast dragonfly .

Stone and glass beads

Mother of pearl button and silver toned puffed heart charm.

Comes with this lined fabric pouch .
Available to purchase ..
Any interest - please let me know ! ;o)


OOAK - Doily drawing
" Happy days "
Taken from one of my drawings and
reproduced - in pen / watercolour on a
paper doily
Size 7" total - drawn inside - on 4.5 "

ready to be mounted in a frame -
available to purchase / trade
Anyone interested - please let me know ! ;o)
Thanks ..
T .F . L . !!


Tree pendant .
Size 2 x 1.25 "

These pendants are ceramic - i think ;o)
I was given 2 of them in a swap i did with
Lynn sometime ago now .
I used some metallic dark green fimo to make
the tree and drew lines for the bark on the trunk .
Then baked in the oven for half an hour on a low heat.

Then covered it with glossy accents - to make it
shine even more and seal it . It was quite
difficult getting a shot of the sparkle of the fimo
but i hope you get an idea of it ;o)

The next i created a leaf 2.5 " long

and folded the stem over to make a loop

and added a resin rose - which i knew wouldn`t

melt in the oven ;o)

When cooled i sealed with a gloss acrylic

and it`s ready to put on a chain/ thong .

I have another flower leaf pendant in the works

so to speak - available to purchase soon !

Enjoy the upcoming weekend !



Over the Easter break - we ventured out to
visit Rievaulx Abbey - in North Yorkshire.
Founded in 1132 , it was one of the first cistercian
abbey`s in the North of England .
We also found out that a medieval falconry display
was being held there - so we stopped for 2 of
the displays ! ;o)

I found this old photo - from around 1850 -
of the inside presbytery with the altar stone

These looking down the opposite way today .

We had 20 minutes before the falconry display began
and i was excited about this . I want to have a go
myself at this , and found out , that the birds do not form an
emotional attatchment to their owners and petting them is not
the right thing to do . It was a husband and wife team with commentary
and various species of birds , including a Harris hawk , brown owl
and a kestrel . These are my best photo`s - which i`m pleased with
as i used my longer lens and you usually need a tripod for
stability and i forgot it !

My favourite - the brown owl ..

It was a delight to see them flying around ,
swooping down for some food and the information
which was given .

A lovely day spent by both of us !


I would like to wish you all

A Happy Easter !!

Here are a few of my friends who want to wish it

to you as well ! LOL ! - Done in my own kooky way !

I have been away for a while - i was poorly a couple of

days with a stomach bug - and my partner is away

on a works course - so i`ve been doing other things -

Hopefully back to normal after the spring break !

Have a great time everyone !