I had been searching for some
leather scraps for months - and i
found a shop selling these - much to my
delight .
I bought these straight away - as the
stock was minimal - and i knew if i did not
get them there and then - i would regret it .
They`re top quality pieces - thick and
i love the smell ..

Some i would like to use in mixed media
collages - the other ....
I decided on some jewellery pieces .
This brooch .
Or as someone said to me
" It looks like a rosette you give a horse !!! "
Men ... Don`t you just love `em !! ?

I layered it with 2 thick felt
pieces and a resin jewellery cabouchon
from an old scarf ring .

back view ...

next 2 teardrop necklaces ...
I wanted the suede side showing
then the gorgeous honey brown layered
on top . Finished with a found jewellery
enamelled piece ...

The center looks like an opal ..

Reverse side - for both pieces ..

And the one i made for myself ..
( the others will be for sale soon )

Just something simple -
using a vintage cabouchon .

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend !

I`m off to pin the " rosette " - on the donkey !!


Spring is definitely starting to appear .

Which gives you hope for new beginnings ..
We decided on growing some of our
vegetables this year - our first "attempt "
but oh so satisfying - just seeing the shoots
appear from a planted seed - something so simple
can bring many joys .. when you feel all the work was
not really done by you - other than caring for it -
watering it - and willing it to grow ..

Amoungst them are ... Sprouting seeds ...

Plum tomato shoots ... planted just a week ago ..

Outside - crocus blowing in the wind ...

snowdrops ....

And just for fun ......

My troll posing next to a mushroom ! !

* giggle *

How is spring blooming near you ??


Another challenge set on Etsy Cottage style -
and this weeks theme / words are -
birds / nests / spring . I did not choose
these ;o) Lynn and myself take turns ;o)

I decided on another of my bluebird
drawings on a larger area - 12" x 8 " ..

Here she is sat - contented and waiting
for the eggs to hatch ... And the odd small
leaf bud waiting to bloom .

Then i made another item .
Not that the drawing to me was easy -
and felt like a cop out .. I had this tiny
mint tin from a previous challenge i missed
while away . So striking while the iron was hot -
i created this minature tin .

It`s a small mint tin 1.75" x 2.25 " .
This must be one of the smallest spaces
i have created in - and i set myself up with
this - But that`s what it`s all about . And i am
happy with the result .

Spray painted in gold .
Music paper - bird image from a small
piece of chocolate on aged card and foam
mounted .

Right side : Vintage wallpaper piece -
letter rub ons on aged card . Handmade nest
millenery flower and fabric leaves .

I am also in the process of adding

items in my SHOP

including my house / home items below and a small

box lid assemblage that i feel i can part with -

a small bluebird canvas ...

Also including - this fabirc house to create with .

I hope you`ll take a peak !


I made this before we had our break -
this house keyring .
5" long - not including the ring/ ribbon .
Made from vintage / new fabric and sealed with
fabric modge podge - so it is still
pliable but protected from dirt but still
washable too .

Back view ....

When i have more me time - next week -
this will be one of the things i am
listing in my shop .
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend !!
I`m also asking for your prayers / thoughts
for my sister . Some of you know that she had
cervical cancer - a radical hysterectomy - then
a lump was found on her liver a few months afterwards .
I was told yesterday
it has grown slightly - and that she has to go for
a breast screening in a few days time " just to check " .
She lives too far away for me to
visit - but at least my parents are there with her -
So i could do with some support from you
good people out there .. Thankyou ...


A Blissful Retreat

We arrrived safely back home from
a glorious break at Matfen Hall in
Northumberland . 3 days was certainly
not enough at this historic peaceful place.
On our way there - we stopped at Blanchland .
A tiny rural village a half hours drive way .

The only shop / postoffice ...

Entrance to Blanchland Abbey
built in 1165

many of the clusters of snowdrops ...

Matfen Hall - picture postcard
Built in 1832 - and opened to the public in 1999 .

Set in 250 acres of land with golf courses
and various walks ..

The conservatory room ...

Our bedroom ...

The Pool spa area ...

We ate breakfast in the libray room .
Which had these vintage books within reach.
I wanted to pick one and have a look inside ..

Outside The Great Hall -
Cloister court
With the stained glass window ..

How it looked many years ago ...

And today ...

It was difficult to photograph - as the room
was dimly lit - but i managed to get a few ..
Bottom of the stained glass window ..

The glorious colours at the top ...

left hand view with coats of arms ..

The walk up the staircase ...

me ;o)

The view - set for a wedding ceremony .
The bride to be - glides down the staircase

The drawing room ...
With a large open fireplace ..

Large bay window - and pair of curtains !

Early dusk -

looking onto the golf course ...

And the Hall lit up ....

Just a few shots of the local area ...

Rolling countryside with mist on the hill top ..

A stream at Vindolanda - a roman ruins
near Hadrians wall .

My attempt at an arty shot ;o)
I think i took a dozen shots - at
different setings to get a mist / ghost effect
of the water . This was one of the best ones .

Matfen Hall was one of the places
that inspired me - with very friendly
attentive staff . Stunning scenery and
above all - a place to relax and wind down .
I wait for our next visit there .


Happy Valentines Day everyone !!
A chocolate cupcake - that didn`t
last very long - but hey - i gave him the
dark chocolate heart !!

I decided to make something bright
and cheery - for a change ;o)
I think it`s due to the weather
being grey - snowy and miserable at
this time of year .

A little colour is most welcomed -
don`t you think at this time ?

" Home "

Hanging ornament .

Lightly stuffed - using new / vintage
material - vintage buttons ..

Hand sewn word on twill tape ...

French knot doorknob and
vintage applique flower...

Speaking of home ....
I am going to be away for a few days
next week . We normally go away around this time -
and i need a break from the monotony here -
The weather may not be ideal -
but a change of scenery will do us
both good !

So i wish you all a loved up valentines
weekend - and i`ll see you all
in a few days time !
If you`re interested in where we
are staying - take a peak HERE