2 " Vintage style postcards "
christmas themed .
I created these on some free postcards i aquired
Covering the fronts with various items
like vintage music paper , wallpaper scrap , angel
images , green velvet trim and red / gold ric rac..

I have been absent .. once again ;o)
We had some sad news that our father in law has
pancreatic cancer , they cannot operate due to his
heart problems , so we are waiting on the news of
what treatment he can have , which is most
likely to be chemotherapy ... We find out next week ...
So i have not had that much time creativity wise
as we are taking care of him ...
Thanks for popping by once more ..
Have a good weekend everyone ..

Felted acorns ..
I had seen other artists create felted acorns using the
wool , but i had none and no proper equipment for it.
But this way is so easy to do , anyone can have a go ;o)
Gather acorns and remove the inner ..
then you need some felted beads , and all you do is
cut them , i cut them in half then put them inside to see first
if they looked right if not trim more off .Then just glue them in place
These are mine ...

Then i had a bead cap lying around for ages ,
so i used the same technique , but put a head pin in before gluing
the bead inside , so i can use it as a charm on something .
How easy is that ! ??

Have a lovely weekend everyone !!