Book Tag And A Freebie !

I have been tagged - yet again !
By Onedia - from her art blog . She
has been here before , and me not knowing ,
until she left me a comment on here . But it`s so nice to
meet new people isn`t it ! ? And i hope to get to
know you better Onedia !

It`s the book tag , that i have seen people
do , although i may be a little late taking part !

Here goes !

1. Pick up the nearest book
2. open to page 123 .
3 . Find the 5th sentence .
4 . Post the next 3 sentences .
5 . Tag people and who taggged you .

I found this book , at my local charity shop .
even though it was published a few years ago now -
I had no clue what it was about - i just went with the
covers name . But i was so glad that i bought it .
A mans perspective on all things that are
beautiful - with small chapters that you can dip
into when you feel like it .

Divine Beauty - The Invisible Embrace

John O` Donohue .

ISBN : 0593046102

PRICE £ 15.00 - hard back .

In dance the gravity of the body is

released . A fluency and lightness invest

each jesture , and stir the whole body .

Stillness breaks in waves of visible grace .

Now the people who i tag for this are -

Of course , there is no pressure to take part .
And i know Sherry has done this beforehand !
But i know you`re a book fanatic ! ;o)

And , with it being the last day of May -
Where has the time gone !! ??
I thought i would give you a free image
from my own personal vintage postcard stash
for you to use !

Have A fabulous Weekend !!!
Thankyou to all who have entered
my giveaway so far ....
Some of you have it correct ! :o) LOL
The winners will be announced Tuesday !


Take Your Pick - 250th Post Giveaway !!

As you can see it`s my 250th post !!
Well , it was yesterdays post , and i
had not realised it !
So , in the tradtion - i am having a small
giveaway - something handmade by me -
and a surprise ! All you have to do is pick the
right answer from below - and the first 2
with the correct one in comments left ,
will win a little goody from moi !

I was told by my mum - that if i were born a boy -

i would have been called what ??

A . - Craig

B. - Johnathon

C .- Andrew

Happy choosing everyone !!

The closing date is Monday 2nd June .


Wonderful Weekend ...

Well , our weather held up , and it turned
out better than the forcast said ! Woo Hoo ! ;o)
What made it better was my friend Rhonda
bestowed me , with not one , but 2 awards !
I am ever grateful to be on the receiving end
of any award . Having touched a person`s life , in
whatever way , makes you feel humbled .

So Thankyou for thinking of me Rhonda - when
like you said , it was a difficult decision to choose
people and leave many out , who deserved it as well .
So i wish to pass these 2 awards onto others that have
touched me .

Whether you have these already - i`m not so sure !!

Meggie - for her zest of life , and living each day ,
and support to myself - thank you
Rebecca - who is going through a difficult time in her
life right now , but still thinking of others .
Amy - who did a first ever swap with me
and offered to do an extra christmas cracker swap
so i wouldn`t be left out of hosting my first one !
Thanks so much dear friend !
Tammy - A nature lover like me , and we have
friendly banter between each other ! Hee Hee !

Of course , there would be Rhonda , and my
other good friend Sherry - who`s love of
life shines in everything she says and does .
But they have received them !

There are others that have touched me , so please
don`t feel left out ! It`s so difficult to choose
as you can imagine !

Yesterday , we went out to Chevin park . A woodland area ,
not too far away from home , and had a walk in the sunshine
although it was very windy !
It has fantastic views - these are a few photo`s .

The walk up to the ridge

To see this ....

And some poppies by the roadside .

The end of a good day .
Sunset taken through my craft room window .

And , i`m sure you`ll get fed up of me plugging

my own shop ! :o) I have done a big stock update


Including , a British birds collage sheet , bird muse pack,

buttons , lace and more !


Digital Collage sheet ..

I have just created my first digital
collage sheet to purchase from my shop

They are postcards which i have collected
and want to share with you . It will be emailed to you
in J-peg format as soon as payment has been received .
For use in your own creations only !
And i`m having a destash of my ever increasing
supplies - including some of my vintage button finds !
Coming soon !!

And the rain has not come here yet -
It`s sunny outside now !
Or maybe i`ve spoken too soon !!


Makes And Finds ..

Vintage Baby Plaque

Here`s another baby item i made .
Created partially from an old baby album ,
with vintage baby fabric backing board ,
lace and a seam binding hanger .
I have just listed this in my shop

And this is my newest find !

An old crochet yarn box , filled with yarns ,

small crochet pieces and some assorted hooks !

I spotted it on a stall , bought it real cheap ,

and walked away smiling and feeling smug !

Again here is a bank holiday weekend .

We`ve had a rain forcast - as usual !!

So , if i don`t post for a few days

Have a wonderful weekend everyone !!



A Small Celebration !

I just thought that i would pop on here -
in between doing so many things here
and maybe emailing friends about my news ! -
Some of you know that i have been unemployed
for a while now . But today , i went for an interview
and got a part time job offer at last !! :o)
It may not be a big deal to some , but for me
it`s a break from the grey clouds that have been
hanging over me . Having to deal with money worries
and some boredom at home . I`m feeling more
positive and it will be great to get back out there
to work and have some money of my now !!


French Book Page ...

Here`s my book page for Rhonda`s
French Book Swap.
You had to do a page of something what
France meant to you , with the quote
being in french , and the English translation
on the reverse .

Ville de L` Amour

Which means City Of Love

I have just posted it off , along with photocopies of
it , for all the other participants . So we all get a copy of
each others page , bound in book form .
I cannot wait to receive my book , and see everyones
interpretation and artwork !!

And i have made another Dynamite necklace !
This one is on a purple suede thong , which i am listing in my
shop later this afternoon !

Along with this bracelet - repurposed piece ,
mother of pearl inlay flower , with 6 strands of black
elasticated beads


Tagged ...

I was tagged a few days ago now by
Mary Ann to reveal any quirky things
you have about yourself .So here`s what
i came up with ! And they`re all food related !
1... I LOVE chocolate and mints - but NOT
combined together ! I would rather taste them
separately and enjoy the flavours by themselves !
2.... When i cook a roast chicken - everytime -
i don`t feel like having any once it`s done !
But i do love the crispy skin , and would gladly just
have a load of that instead !
3... I prefer cooked tomatoes to raw ones . At a
push , i`ll have a little piece of raw .
4... I`m a big lover of potatoes ! I`ve been told
i must have some Irish in me ! I can eat them
anytime , a few times a day , roast , chipped ,
mashed . When i lived on my own , i made a big
casserole dish of potatoes and onions in gravy
with cheese on top , and it lasted a few days
for my meals .
5... I have my bread as it is - usually no
butter or spread . It happened when i did a
diet many years ago , gave that up , but kept
this . I do have a little on toast now and then ,
other than that i use mayo / pickle if appropriate
on a sandwich .

So there you have it !
Thankyou to Mary Ann for choosing me -
i enjoyed doing this one , like the others .
I will not pass this on , as it has been around in
blogland , but will do like Mary Ann did , if you
want to say your quirky thing left in a comment ,
please do so !


Dynamite !!

The past couple of evenings , i have been
making these necklaces . My other half
said they looked like sticks of dynamite
exploding !! LOL
So that`s what i am going to call them !
Dynamite Necklaces
Black /White/Grey Necklace
Handmade fabric beads , with thin wire and beads wrapped
around , fibres with irredescent spacer beads ,
on a leather thong .

Pink Fluffy Dynamite Necklace
The same styled beads with pink fibres and faceted spacer
beads on a chenille thong
Brights Dynamite necklace
same fabric beads , fibres , and wooden
bead spacers , on a pale lilac faux suede
thong .

It`s a great way to use any fabric scraps you have ,
and beads , as i`m not really into beading as such -
But i loved making these for a change from what
i normally do !


My Gifts From Rhonda .

Since November last year , for my
Christmas Cracker swap , i met Rhonda

We gelled instantly , and we have become
best friends to each other . We have chatted on the phone
and by email , and she feels like a sister to me .
I was told that she had bought me some
Cavallini & Co birds and nests stickers ,
in a tin . Which i had been after buying for a
while now , and Rhonda said she had posted them ,
along with aload of other goodies for me -
she told me to look in her Etsy Shop , and
choose what i wanted ! ;o)
So here`s all my items she sent just for me !

My birds / nest stickers !!

A couple of cards

Selection of French Cavallini & Co stickers

Pages from her precious vintage ledger book ,
plain and written on . I love the hand writing on these !!

varoius vintage cancelled cheques

Vintage playing cards , with birds , dogs , cats ,

flowers - simply gorgeous !!

Bingo , luggage and raffle tickets

This was a true act of kindness , towards myself .

When someone thought of the things

you like , bought those , and offered other items -

just because - made me feel a very special

person in Rhonda`s life .

So Thankyou so much my dear friend !

Those words are not enough to say ,

and you know i love you , and we will

get to meet in person one day , have a

laugh and a cry , go shopping , and spend

some precious time together .


My Walk With The Blooms

On my way to my local town , spring blooms
are appearing constantly , and changing
the scenery around us . These are just a few that i saw
on my walk there and back home last week .


These had grown from a garden ,
through a stone wall facing a main road .

Cherry Blossom tress

In our local park - the bandstand with hanging
baskets surrounded by various pansies .

Bluebells in the church yard .

Forget me nots

More cherry blossoms poking through trees .

I hope everyone out there too , is

enjoying what Mother Nature is

offering to us right now !


Putting My Time To More Creative Use ..

It`s been quite warm and sunny here ,
the past few days .
And i always have trouble sleeping , or getting
to bed . So i made good use of that time , and
came up with these 2 tags last night .

Using handmade paper background ,
vintage wallpaper piece and seam binding .
White paper lily , vintage raffle ticket and
ledger paper snippet .

I hope everyone else is having better weather now !
Later - i have some photos of blooms that are
appearing all around -
Spring has most definately appeared here !


Weekly Challenge ` s

I`m a member of Etsy Cottage Style , and
joined a group for mixed media & paper arts .
The past few weeks Sherry had started a
Fun Friday Challenge on there , choosing
items / words , to create something , whatever
you wished , as long as the chosen subject for
that week was incorporated in it .

This weeks was
Sea foam and Brown .

This is my contribution .
An altered matchbox .
From a free wallpaper sample ,vintage lace
organza ribbon and a brad , on the outside .

The inside has a sleeping / resting Angel image ,
dotted vintage music paper around the sides ,
and a millenery flower and a butterfly .

Last weeks challenge was Roses .
" As Timeless As A Rose "

Matt board covered with vintage music paper ,
gesso and paints . Then an acrylic applique with
tiny seed beads swirled in .

With a fabric rose in the center ,
to show the 3 D effect .

And because Sherry is going on

vacation later today . I have the task of picking

what we do for the next couple of weeks .

Finally - Sherry - i know i`ve sent you a

personal message . Guess it wasn`t as much

of a surprise than i thought it would be ! LOL !

But have a wonderful time , relax , have a drink -

or three ! Shop `til you drop ! Of course tons of

photos !

I will miss you !!

And see you when you get back !!