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I was tagged a few days ago now by
Mary Ann to reveal any quirky things
you have about yourself .So here`s what
i came up with ! And they`re all food related !
1... I LOVE chocolate and mints - but NOT
combined together ! I would rather taste them
separately and enjoy the flavours by themselves !
2.... When i cook a roast chicken - everytime -
i don`t feel like having any once it`s done !
But i do love the crispy skin , and would gladly just
have a load of that instead !
3... I prefer cooked tomatoes to raw ones . At a
push , i`ll have a little piece of raw .
4... I`m a big lover of potatoes ! I`ve been told
i must have some Irish in me ! I can eat them
anytime , a few times a day , roast , chipped ,
mashed . When i lived on my own , i made a big
casserole dish of potatoes and onions in gravy
with cheese on top , and it lasted a few days
for my meals .
5... I have my bread as it is - usually no
butter or spread . It happened when i did a
diet many years ago , gave that up , but kept
this . I do have a little on toast now and then ,
other than that i use mayo / pickle if appropriate
on a sandwich .

So there you have it !
Thankyou to Mary Ann for choosing me -
i enjoyed doing this one , like the others .
I will not pass this on , as it has been around in
blogland , but will do like Mary Ann did , if you
want to say your quirky thing left in a comment ,
please do so !


Meggie said...

Hey Carolyn! Just stopping by to say hello. How does your garden grow these days? It's been rather rainy here so it's difficult to get things done. I hope you are well. It was fun learning about your love for potatoes...I love them too...prepared any way possible. Take care, dear friend.

Sherry/Cherie said...

These are cute little quirks!! I could do bread without butter too -- but for some reason, dry bread like that always gives me the hiccups!!

PEA said...

Hello dear Carolyn,

Trying to catch up with everyone today now that I'm back from my trip:-) I so enjoyed reading your meme you, I love my potatoes and enjoy them cooked any which way!! Mashed potatoes and gravy is my absolute favourite though! hehe

Oh my, how I love your Dynamite necklaces which you've been making. Great name for them! lol You are so very talented my sweet friend:-) xoxo