Book Tag And A Freebie !

I have been tagged - yet again !
By Onedia - from her art blog . She
has been here before , and me not knowing ,
until she left me a comment on here . But it`s so nice to
meet new people isn`t it ! ? And i hope to get to
know you better Onedia !

It`s the book tag , that i have seen people
do , although i may be a little late taking part !

Here goes !

1. Pick up the nearest book
2. open to page 123 .
3 . Find the 5th sentence .
4 . Post the next 3 sentences .
5 . Tag people and who taggged you .

I found this book , at my local charity shop .
even though it was published a few years ago now -
I had no clue what it was about - i just went with the
covers name . But i was so glad that i bought it .
A mans perspective on all things that are
beautiful - with small chapters that you can dip
into when you feel like it .

Divine Beauty - The Invisible Embrace

John O` Donohue .

ISBN : 0593046102

PRICE £ 15.00 - hard back .

In dance the gravity of the body is

released . A fluency and lightness invest

each jesture , and stir the whole body .

Stillness breaks in waves of visible grace .

Now the people who i tag for this are -

Of course , there is no pressure to take part .
And i know Sherry has done this beforehand !
But i know you`re a book fanatic ! ;o)

And , with it being the last day of May -
Where has the time gone !! ??
I thought i would give you a free image
from my own personal vintage postcard stash
for you to use !

Have A fabulous Weekend !!!
Thankyou to all who have entered
my giveaway so far ....
Some of you have it correct ! :o) LOL
The winners will be announced Tuesday !

1 comment:

Sherry/Cherie said...

You kookoo bird -- "some of you have it correct" -- what a teaser -- 3 choices and I see people have each chosen from the 3 about "narrowing it down" - lol!! ;) did I know I'd be chosen for this one?!? How did you know I wouldn't be able to refuse? How did you know I am a "book fanatic"?!?! too cute!!

Of course I will be doing this -- I'll do it on my amazingly beautiful life I think!!! I'll let you know!

Have a beautiful weekend CraigJonathonAndrew ♥