Wonderful Weekend ...

Well , our weather held up , and it turned
out better than the forcast said ! Woo Hoo ! ;o)
What made it better was my friend Rhonda
bestowed me , with not one , but 2 awards !
I am ever grateful to be on the receiving end
of any award . Having touched a person`s life , in
whatever way , makes you feel humbled .

So Thankyou for thinking of me Rhonda - when
like you said , it was a difficult decision to choose
people and leave many out , who deserved it as well .
So i wish to pass these 2 awards onto others that have
touched me .

Whether you have these already - i`m not so sure !!

Meggie - for her zest of life , and living each day ,
and support to myself - thank you
Rebecca - who is going through a difficult time in her
life right now , but still thinking of others .
Amy - who did a first ever swap with me
and offered to do an extra christmas cracker swap
so i wouldn`t be left out of hosting my first one !
Thanks so much dear friend !
Tammy - A nature lover like me , and we have
friendly banter between each other ! Hee Hee !

Of course , there would be Rhonda , and my
other good friend Sherry - who`s love of
life shines in everything she says and does .
But they have received them !

There are others that have touched me , so please
don`t feel left out ! It`s so difficult to choose
as you can imagine !

Yesterday , we went out to Chevin park . A woodland area ,
not too far away from home , and had a walk in the sunshine
although it was very windy !
It has fantastic views - these are a few photo`s .

The walk up to the ridge

To see this ....

And some poppies by the roadside .

The end of a good day .
Sunset taken through my craft room window .

And , i`m sure you`ll get fed up of me plugging

my own shop ! :o) I have done a big stock update


Including , a British birds collage sheet , bird muse pack,

buttons , lace and more !


Meggie said...

Thank you so much, dear Carolyn, for these lovely awards...they mean a great deal to me. Your photos are beautiful! The scenery is gorgeous and the sunset is spectacular! Thanks for taking me along on the splendid tour. I'm going to check out the new items in your shop right now.......

Sherry/Cherie said...

I'm glad the weather held -- looks like you had a lovely "stroll" and the view is spectacular!!

You know how much you deserve these awards so I don't need to say so (!) -- hee!! ♥

And I love the digital collage sheet -- beautiful!

Rhondamum said...

First, you deserve every award you have! You are wonderful!

Love the views, and can't wait to see them in person.... one day.

Plug that shop away girl! It's awesome! And as a customer, I can say that anyone who sees something they like should go for it because Carolyn is fab!

Hope all is well friend!