My Gifts From Rhonda .

Since November last year , for my
Christmas Cracker swap , i met Rhonda

We gelled instantly , and we have become
best friends to each other . We have chatted on the phone
and by email , and she feels like a sister to me .
I was told that she had bought me some
Cavallini & Co birds and nests stickers ,
in a tin . Which i had been after buying for a
while now , and Rhonda said she had posted them ,
along with aload of other goodies for me -
she told me to look in her Etsy Shop , and
choose what i wanted ! ;o)
So here`s all my items she sent just for me !

My birds / nest stickers !!

A couple of cards

Selection of French Cavallini & Co stickers

Pages from her precious vintage ledger book ,
plain and written on . I love the hand writing on these !!

varoius vintage cancelled cheques

Vintage playing cards , with birds , dogs , cats ,

flowers - simply gorgeous !!

Bingo , luggage and raffle tickets

This was a true act of kindness , towards myself .

When someone thought of the things

you like , bought those , and offered other items -

just because - made me feel a very special

person in Rhonda`s life .

So Thankyou so much my dear friend !

Those words are not enough to say ,

and you know i love you , and we will

get to meet in person one day , have a

laugh and a cry , go shopping , and spend

some precious time together .


Rhondamum said...

Oh my gosh Caz! That was the sweetest post! I am so glad that you liked all of your goodies. I still need to get you the bird/nest stamps.

I love how you mentioned your Christmas Cracker swap. And that is what started it all, isn't it. Oh, but what a wonderful gift it gave me, because you are such a dear friend to me. And that is why I sent you some goodies. I wanted to make you feel happy inside because that is what you do for me.

Yes my friend, we will meet one of these days. And when we do we will share a tube of blue mascara, crank up some Duran Duran and laugh for hours.

Love you dear!

Mary Ann said...

I love the playing cards. So many pretty things. You have a great friend!

Sherry/Cherie said...

Beautiful goodies from a beautiful friend!