" Pretty " - In Pink ...

A hanging heart - made for Etsy Cottage
fun friday challenge again .

Made from a jigsaw - painted and edged with
strung pearls . Aged small doily and vintage
baby image , lace piece and dictionary word .

And a scan of my copy of
Kelly Rae Roberts new book !
I got this yesterday - and what can i say
about this book - so far ...

Beautiful !! Amazing !!

Inspirational work !!

I would like to create something having
just thumbed through this . I am just reading
it through while i am laid low with an aching
body and extreme tiredness ! I have a few
days to recover before i meet up with

Who is the creator of Etsy Cottage Style -
i have got to know her well over the past few
months . I meet up with her this friday
in Harrogate and i am so excited to meet
someone who i have met on here in blogland !!

So i hope to do another post before i go -
with a sneak peak of what i have made for her !


Not Quite there Yet ....

Falling leaves and a change in the winds ..

Autumn is not quite here ..

A single flower ....

And rabbits enjoying the late evening
grass . I was captivated by these - so many
- so near and tame enough to film and
photograph while we watched them .

Enjoy your last days of summer !


A Gift ....

is up and running !! If you have not taken a look
please do - it explains in words - better than i can
explain - the reasons and her items for sale
to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research .
Having seen it yesterday - i took the
opportunity to create a banner for her -
as Sherry herself had stated - she had forgotten
about having one done .

Just another way for me to help
all those out there . If i could give you a
hug Sherry - i would do ... Good luck in
raising all the money you can .....
My friend - I love you !!


Oceans Blue ...

A mixed media collage -

" A Tear In The Open "

7" x5 " flat canvas .

Made using faux pearl seed beads ..
pieces from a fancy lace knitted scarf ..

using an acetate sheet - with alcohol inks

Mother of pearl button and various

The fragility of our oceans -
and the way we pollute it -
can have a devastating effect .

More details on how i made this effect
is on my other tutorial blog

And today is the lauch of

The Shop For the Cure .

Please - if you have time -

visit SHERRY

Who is the person behind creating

this campaign - to raise more

awareness and funds for breast cancer research .

All the details will be there for you to read .

Handmade items are available for purchasing -

and all proceeds go to this cause .

October is the month of breast cancer

awareness worldwide ......

so if you can give something back -

so many people have been affected by this

disease in many ways - your help is so much

appreciated for those who are diagnosed and

those who will be in the near future ...


A Most Unusual Castle ...

Having spent a night at a hotel -
for my partners long term service work
award - enjoying the meal - and having a photo
taken which we will get at a later date - and
no one knew this was planned for us all !
We took advantage of visiting the surrounding
area .

Stratford-Upon -Avon .
We have visited before - but ended up on the
outskirts this time - and found this old building ..
The Lord Leycester hospital .
Not a hospital as such - but a residing place for old and
disabled soldiers dating from 1571 .

More can be seen HERE -
as it is a place where wedding celebrations
can be held there today .

The building was closed off - as a wedding
party were there that day - but we managed to
visit - The Brethrens Kitchen - named
after the soldiers who lived there - and
it is the oldest tearoom we have visited
from 1571 .

I managed to get a couple of shots
inside the courtyard - once the party
had gone inside the great hall .

This certainly would be a historic and
memorable place to celebrate your wedding day !

And most likely an expensive one !!
Next door was The Masters Garden .

Where the happy couple could have photographs

taken ....

Our next stop off was

Stokesay Castle .

I have to say - that this one is a
favourite place i have visited - and we
were lucky with the weather - a gorgeous
sunny day !

It is a fortified manor house - from the late 13th
century - and one of the most unusual
building i have ever seen !

Gate house entrance .
And there was no public access to this

building . I would have loved to have

looked around this building !

the other side ...

A small wild garden flower patch .

The small " hut " on the side -
was the smallest tea room i have come across !

So we sat outside where tables

were placed around the lawned grass .

The hall `s exterior ..

And inside the hall - with the original

medevial staircase

wood carved fireplace in the private

quarters of the house .

A tower room ..

The view from the south tower .

Then we took the moat walk -

all the way around ... and obviously

where the water would have been ..

I would highly recommend visiting

this place if you can !!


Free To Fly ..

Photographed in
The Master`s Garden
Stratford- upon - Avon .

A spider " floating " in it`s web ...

Red Admiral butterfly ....

I was reminded of story i was told -
and how it related to my early teenage years .
On feeling "different " and an outcast , lonely
and no real direction in my life ...
A butterfly had just emerged from a chrysalis -
having spent time inside during it`s transformation .
Spreading it`s wings in the sun . Another cocoon was
nearby - not yet opened - and it seemed to be
struggling to break out . It was helped out into
the world - by someone opening the cocoon - and it
once it opened and spread it`s wings .. it
turned out to be a moth ....

During difficult times - we can rest and receive

support from others ... You are an individual

and unique in your own way - whatever you

look like on the outside and feel in the inside .

Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need-
to make us grow stronger . If we were allowed to go
through life without any obstacles , it would
cripple us . We would not be as strong as we could
have been - and we could never fly .


"Pearl " - The Bird ....

A new addition to my nest -


Sat proudly on her cage ...

With the palest pink pearl necklace
and a crystal for her eye ...

Made from new/ vintage fabric .
and a ricrac edged tail ...

Made for Breast cancer month .

Have a great weekend everyone !

We have a " do " to attend this weekend .
A longtime service award - for my partner .
Free meal and hotel in
Stratford -upon -Avon - and no doubt visit
somewhere on our way home sunday !

See you all next week !



Altered Book Pages ...

I finally got my book pages decorated
for the tutorial ! I spent yesterday morning
creating before work - and while my other half was
doing some DIY - before he goes back to
work tomorrow - Yippee ! I know that sounds
rotten - but you cannot do the things you
would like - if they`re here ! ;o)

My favourite pages from my book .
A fairy girl - with gold petal wings ..
and lace - which makes me think of ocean
waves ..

My niche - with a simple stated
paper rose placed inside ..

Both pages together - that i have linked .

Remember her name ...

But come , i will show it to you ..

Her name is


If you want to see more -

It is HERE


I have been busy doing many things -
apart from blogging recently . Trying to sort
my craft room - as it is a MESS - things all over
and i needed some organization of items
in the same place . I cannot go on like this -
this is what i am doing . This is taking time -
and no real creative time for me - when i NEED
to finish an altered book tutorial - or they will
think i have forgotten ! Finish challenge ideas -
as i have guilt over not completing them - when i
set those ! Along with general life getting in the way -
and my other half and I playing musical chairs
to use the computer - when i wish i had a laptop !!
When he has booked a few days off work -
and i cannot share it with him !
Besides all of that going on - amoungst the chaos -
I have made a felt flower - For breast cancer month .
All money will go to breast cancer research .
It is 3" wide - and priced $ 7.25 - incl P&P .
A pin could be added - to make a brooch -
and i will include a couple of my hand felted
leaves to add if you wish !
Please let me know - if anyone is interested in this !

I WILL be visiting you all soon !!


Giveaway Results Are Here !

Many thanks to all who entered my
300th post giveaway ! Seeing some new
and my regular readers who joined in !

Here is the front of my birth tag -
which my mum gave me - along with
christening and first christmas celebration
cards which she had kept . I love the little baby
wearing the crown !

And here is the back - with the
answer to my question -on
the second line down ....

I was born at ....

8.15 am !!

Congratulations to 2 new
visitors to my blog -

Baba`s Blog - she is a retired
premature baby nurse !
Please get in touch stating which prize
you would prefer - the ephemera wallet
or the wool bird wreath !

Second winner is ...

Mary - from Canada
who wins the christmas bingo card hanger !

Please send me your address`s ladies
and i can post these off to you both !
I am sure i will be having another
giveaway soon - so thankyou everyone
who took the time to enter -

Enjoy your weekend everyone -
and to Miss Lucky Troll out there -
I think you rubbed her tummy too
hard - and gave her indigestion !! ;o)


Shop For The Cure Collage Sheet

I had the idea last night - in what seems to be
my ideas creative "hot spot " - the shower !!
To create a digital
collage sheet - to sell as my part of supporting
The International Breast Cancer month -
during this coming October .

All proceeds from this will go to breast
cancer reasearch - here in the United Kingdom .

Sherry also has this available in her

of which her proceeds got to the
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation .
It is selling for $3.00 .

If you would like to support Sherry or
myself - you can find mine

Or any readers wishing to sell this
in their shop - please get in touch with me .

Lets spread the word more -
find a cure - and finally beat this disease !!

Thankyou !


Boxed Memories ....

I bought the above faded box - this week
on my thrift hunting - which i love doing .
I got it - pretty cheap - with the contents
included - which to me - was a pittance for
something which was owned and treasured
by a lady called Barbara . Memories placed into
an 8 " x 5 " box - for someone else to discard
them and have no interest in a past family member .
This saddened me somewhat - but now i have
these and the memories will continue it`s journey .

Inside were gifted cards of Christmas and birthday
celebrations - which she chose to keep -
some dates are from 1936 .

Just a selection of the 30 cards inside .
Is this all that she had kept ? ?
And was this all of her life`s memories - just fitting
inside such a small box ? Do you judge how big the
box and what contents are inside ? ?
How big would my box be ???
These we all going through my mind .

What tugged at my heart strings -
was the below handmade card -
From a gentleman friend called Jimmy .

It reads ....

Though my greetings i send on brown paper
My wishes are hearty and true .
And no costly card e`er brought warmer regard
Than my simple card brings to you .

Something made this simple -

for a dear friend - would certainly have

touched her - like it did me .

Thankyou Barbara ....