What`s The Time ! ???

It`s my 300 th post giveaway time !!

It doesn`t seem 2 minutes since i

were " celebrating " my 250th post .

But - here i am with something unique -

to have a guess at this - just to make it more fun ......

Wasn`t i a beautiful baby !! ?? * giggle *

My question is ...

What time was i born ??

A - 7.45 am

B - 8.15 am

C - 8.30am

Please state which time you think i was born
in your comment left ! It`s that easy !!
And i have proof to show you - incase
people think it`s a fix !! ;o)

The lucky 2 winners will receive

Either this vintage wall paper pouch
with a selection of ephemera included ...

or if you do not craft - and this is a second choice
as well for the first comment winner to pick correctly ..

Blue bird wool wreath .

The second correct comment wins this
vintage christmas bingo card hanger .

You have until
Friday 12th september

to enter - so time to choose

and good luck everyone !!

Enjoy your weekend !!


Sherry said...

Just a second, I had to run and grab my lucky troll to rub it's tummy....(and I'm smoothing it's purple hair!! Believe it or not you, I keep this on my jelly cupboard in the front foyer of the house -- proudly displayed!!)...

okay the troll and I say 8:30 a.m.

What a fun way to do a giveaway -- you are always such a clever boots...

and you were such a beauty -- still are!! ♥

Rhondamum said...

Oh goodie, glad I made it for the giveaway, although I know Sherry always wins these things (as she should becasue she deserves every one of them).

I am going to go with A. 7:45.

Congrats on 300 Caz! I am so glad you began to do this, and that I did too,cause now I have you and Sherry! Yippee!


PEA said...

Well congratulations on your 300th post dear Carolyn:-)I must say every one of them enjoyable!! to what time you were born, I'll say 8:30 AM. Did I win???? Oh, I have to wait I guess! hehe What a fun giveaway and I so love the prizes!! And oh what a darling baby you were:-) xoxo

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Carole, I would guess your birth time is B. 8:15am I am coming up to my 500th post and need to think of a Give-away to celebrate..It is almost 2am and I am not sleepy..I will wait until the sun comes up ; then my body will get sleepy...old habits are hard to break.... Baba

Sanja said...

Congratulation on your 300 post!:0)))

hm..I say : 8.30

Have a nice day!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I am going with 8:30.....Have a great night...m...

Mary said...

I'm going to say 8:15 and congratulations on your 300th post. I am celebrating my blogiversary today. One years since I began blogging here and just over 400 posts.

You have passed a milestone. I love your blog. If you have time drop by my Writing Nook for a visit. I found you through Pea's Corner.


Joy said...

The 300th post is a major accomplishment requiring a ton of dedication! That's awesome.

My guess is 7:30.

Beth said...

I am a new visitor but I am going to say 7:45. Thats close to the time I had my son, he was at 7:47 a.m. and we joked and said he was arriving on a 747.

Nita Jo said...

Okay... I'm guessing you're an early bird... so 7:45! I dropped in to see your Mind Wide Open entry (it's wonderful!), and I saw your giveaway.

Nita Jo

Niki said...

I'll say 8:30 :) hugs.

Lynn said...

Ok, well I am going to guess 8.30, that's about the time I roll out of bed each day LOL.
Love your new look BTW!

Meggie said...

Hey Carolyn: Congrats on post 300! I'm guessing you were born at 7:45 AM.

Charlie said...

What a cute give away...
I guess 8:15.
Congrats on your 300th post.

Michele said...

My guess is 8:30! This such a great and unique way to do a giveaway!! Cute pic, too!!

Thanks so much!
Michele R.(CA)

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

i say 8:15am
what a cutie baby!!
hope i win!

KimisKanvas said...

Hello Sweet Friend, I say 8:15 am. And Yes you were such a little cherub !! What a sweet little face. I love your blog, especially the tutorials. Kimi

sa said...