A Halloween - Boo !

click on the above photo - to see the details ..
Below is the image from Gail
Of Mind Wide open
Set for this months challenge -
With the word - Boo .

This is what i came up with
a digital collage again . Trees in a
graveyard , a full moon with bats -
a ghost , and the lady appearing to be
inside a spell potion bottle .
After words of inspiration from

Sherry - i finally had this idea -
( thanks so much !! ))

As i found this one difficult - not
being really into Halloween myself .
But once i got going - a couple of
hours later i had created this !
I found out what i could acheive and we
surprise ourselves of what we can all
acheive and enjoying it in the process !!
Voting begins today - so if you want to see
all the artists creations -

And choose your favourite visit HERE


PCarriker said...

This is really cool. I just love the potion bottle!

Sanja said...

awesome entry:0)

PEA said...

Oh Carolyn, what an awesome job you did with creating this picture!! I love it! Going over there to vote now:-) xoxo

Joy said...

Your creation is gorgeous and I love the text you used!

Sherry said...

I knew you would come up with something Carolyn and you have exceeded my expectations!! Putting her in a bottle is brilliant and sometimes it's just not being able to see the forest for the trees and when someone else comes along to separate them (or trample them down!!), you get a much clearer vision!! ♥

Nita Jo said...

I love the way your layered the images. It's got just the right amount of spooky... and your poem is great!

Nita Jo

Shopgirl said...

I really like what you did, this was fun to do and I love what you have done with yours.
Good Luck, Mary

Lynn said...

Really awesome Carolyn :) I made something and I hated it so I didn't enter, it still was a good challenge for me though and that is the important thing I think.

nightowl said...

Really pretty..I am always impressed with good digital art as I haven't mastered the skill yet!