Shop For The Cure Collage Sheet

I had the idea last night - in what seems to be
my ideas creative "hot spot " - the shower !!
To create a digital
collage sheet - to sell as my part of supporting
The International Breast Cancer month -
during this coming October .

All proceeds from this will go to breast
cancer reasearch - here in the United Kingdom .

Sherry also has this available in her

of which her proceeds got to the
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation .
It is selling for $3.00 .

If you would like to support Sherry or
myself - you can find mine

Or any readers wishing to sell this
in their shop - please get in touch with me .

Lets spread the word more -
find a cure - and finally beat this disease !!

Thankyou !


Sherry said...

The world simply needs more blessings like you my dear friend ♥

Sanja said...

lovely images!!:0)
Have a nice weekend!