Wishful Thinking ...

Recently upon our travels - i acquired the
magazine " Country Life " and another
one from Oxford - which was a what`s on
for summer including gardens and properties
for sale . I was thumbing through them , and
like anyone else - was wishing i could have a
bigger home - large studio to work in etc , etc .

We can all dream can`t we ??

I spent some time looking on the estate agents
websites - drooling over the properties for sale - as
if money were no object for me - and i have picked out
what i fell in love with - and wanted to show what is
on offer in our country .

Burford Priory

A grade 1 listed priory dating from 1662
set in 15 acres - 17 bedrooms , 7
bathrooms , library - and a chapel .

I found out that you could visit this place -
but alas - it has just been sold - for £6.5 million !!
I would have loved to have visited this
place .Part of the priory was still lived in by
monks and sisters , where they prayed .
It was managed by English Heritage -
until they put it for sale - and has been bought by an
undisclosed buyer . 20 people who worked there-
have lost their jobs - and i`m hoping that
whoever has purchased this - will keep it - as is -
It would be so tragic if they turned it into small
apartments - like many are doing with
similar properties here .

The back topiary gardens

This is still for sale ..

Heath House Estate at 3.5 million
grade 2 listed mansion , set in 125 acres ,
including 8 bedrooms , and 3 seperate
flats within the house with a stable cottage , barn to
convert , coach house and woodland .

Both of them - i could see myself in .
Although i do appreciate new designs and
architecture - i am at most at home - in
older surroundings . To wander about as a lady
of leisure and languish in my surroundings ;o)
And it would go without saying -
You`re all invited !!! ;o)
Breaking away from my " dream " -
My next post is my 300th one !!
So i hope you`ll come back to see tomorrow -
I am having a giveaway - and i have thought
of something which you need to do - to win !! LOL


Renee said...

Hi Carolyn,
Well,so far no new job for my husband,the unemployment level in our state just hit a 5 year high,our state is in a really bad state right now.We have until Nov. to sell our house to get relocation benefits but now the realtor told the relocation company that we need to reduce the price down $20,000 to get any offers...he says that every time & we get no offers at all!Ugh!I'm at the library with the girls right now.I have my jewelry class on Saturday...1st one is tomorrow,I can't wait,it's a few hours long.Things have been a little tiring with all of us in school.I'm taking 4 classes at the university so it's not bad,i'm one class less than full time,but oh well.So far classes seem ok.Well,gotta go for now.Bye!

Rhondamum said...

Wow! Those are just, well, amazing! You don't find em like that here in the states!

There used to be a British magazine I could get here that showed these amazing pictures before and after they were fixed up. I just loved that magazine!

Let me know when you move in and I will pack my bags. Surely you wouldn't mind if Chuck, the girls and I come to live with you - LOL!

sa said...