Giveaway Results Are Here !

Many thanks to all who entered my
300th post giveaway ! Seeing some new
and my regular readers who joined in !

Here is the front of my birth tag -
which my mum gave me - along with
christening and first christmas celebration
cards which she had kept . I love the little baby
wearing the crown !

And here is the back - with the
answer to my question -on
the second line down ....

I was born at ....

8.15 am !!

Congratulations to 2 new
visitors to my blog -

Baba`s Blog - she is a retired
premature baby nurse !
Please get in touch stating which prize
you would prefer - the ephemera wallet
or the wool bird wreath !

Second winner is ...

Mary - from Canada
who wins the christmas bingo card hanger !

Please send me your address`s ladies
and i can post these off to you both !
I am sure i will be having another
giveaway soon - so thankyou everyone
who took the time to enter -

Enjoy your weekend everyone -
and to Miss Lucky Troll out there -
I think you rubbed her tummy too
hard - and gave her indigestion !! ;o)


Sherry said...

As I offer my congratulations to your winners I say two things...(1) -- the "charm" has worn off my troll and (2) could your mother not have at least waiting another 15 minutes?!? LOL!!! :)

PEA said...

Well if I didn't win, then I'm glad it's Baba and Mary! hehe I'm sooooo thrilled for them, they will be so excited about being the winners:-) I met Mary in person just a few weeks ago and she's a sweetheart! xoxo

Meggie said...

Congrats to the two winners of your giveaway, Carolyn! Hope you had a great weekend. It was a rather rainy one around here but we needed the rain desperately.