A Most Unusual Castle ...

Having spent a night at a hotel -
for my partners long term service work
award - enjoying the meal - and having a photo
taken which we will get at a later date - and
no one knew this was planned for us all !
We took advantage of visiting the surrounding
area .

Stratford-Upon -Avon .
We have visited before - but ended up on the
outskirts this time - and found this old building ..
The Lord Leycester hospital .
Not a hospital as such - but a residing place for old and
disabled soldiers dating from 1571 .

More can be seen HERE -
as it is a place where wedding celebrations
can be held there today .

The building was closed off - as a wedding
party were there that day - but we managed to
visit - The Brethrens Kitchen - named
after the soldiers who lived there - and
it is the oldest tearoom we have visited
from 1571 .

I managed to get a couple of shots
inside the courtyard - once the party
had gone inside the great hall .

This certainly would be a historic and
memorable place to celebrate your wedding day !

And most likely an expensive one !!
Next door was The Masters Garden .

Where the happy couple could have photographs

taken ....

Our next stop off was

Stokesay Castle .

I have to say - that this one is a
favourite place i have visited - and we
were lucky with the weather - a gorgeous
sunny day !

It is a fortified manor house - from the late 13th
century - and one of the most unusual
building i have ever seen !

Gate house entrance .
And there was no public access to this

building . I would have loved to have

looked around this building !

the other side ...

A small wild garden flower patch .

The small " hut " on the side -
was the smallest tea room i have come across !

So we sat outside where tables

were placed around the lawned grass .

The hall `s exterior ..

And inside the hall - with the original

medevial staircase

wood carved fireplace in the private

quarters of the house .

A tower room ..

The view from the south tower .

Then we took the moat walk -

all the way around ... and obviously

where the water would have been ..

I would highly recommend visiting

this place if you can !!


Sherry said...

What spectacular photographs -- the history almost jumps up at you. I'm so glad you had good weather for the weekend, to be able to really enjoy these spots in all their glory. Imagine walking where the moat water would have been!!! And that first little tea room? Looks cozy and amazing!

amy said...

Gorgeous! I love the photos. It almost looks like they aren't real. Sounds like you had a great time too.

Miss Sandy said...

Glorious Tour! This is my first visit to your blog. I happened by it after finding an image from one of your previous posts under google images. Since your post said you were sharing it, I used it in my post today and gave you credit with a link back to your wonderful blog. I am off to browse some more!

Lynn said...

So sorry sweetie, I am so behind on blogging, just havn't been myself lately and getting ready for a trip is very time consuming :)
This place, well both places are amazing, I love the big old Tudor building, I hope to find something like that to show hubby when we get over there.
You lucky couple you :)

Rhondamum said...

Tudor buildings have always been one of my favorites. I would love to have an old tudor house on some land. You take the best photos, know how to angle everything just right. I love it when you share your travels! Thanks again, and again, and again!