Break Time ...

Personal circumstances are
drawing me away from blogging
and creating - so all i can say for now is ...

Be back soon !


Swap Partners Are Here !

Many thanks to those who commented
saying they wish to participate in my swap !

So here are your chosen partners as follows ladies ...

And lastly myself and Karen

Remember to visit your partners blog - to get an idea
of what they like and which style they create in .
Last year other players included other items
they could not fit inside the cracker - like little notions
buttons , lace . I even got a set of 3 tealight candles of birds
and mini clear stamps - just to give you an idea .
Of course you could email between yourselves and
sort out how many items you wish to include - so it makes
it fair for both parties .And at least one item has to be
christmas related - whether it is bought or handmade .

You have until Dec 5th to post off - or beforehand
if you have that arranged between yourselves -
as we know people have busy lives !

So happy creating - and let me know when they arrive
so we can see and i can share it with you all !

Enjoy your weekend !!


Just Doodling About ....

I decided to doodle the other night -
let my mind and hand do whatever
was drawn to creating - and i came up with this ...
It was a 15 minutes doodle - i didn`t want to
spend too much time on this - as i wanted to see
what i could achieve and do something different -
or what you might call " mindless creativity " .
I then coloured it in with watercolour pencils .

Having done this - i was curious to know

if it had any or no meaning - so i read up on this subject .

Doodling might occur accidentally, or may indicate

familiarity with the realm of knowledge they belong to. Note

also that 'doodle' reallyrefers to absent-minded scribblings,

not conscious works of art that happen .

It must also be considered whether the inspiration

for a doodle isinternal or external. Is the artist

expressing concern with a current situation or experience

(a person causing difficulties, something on TV, or a movie they

have seen) or is it a reflection of an internal state(their

personality, an emotional state or conflict)?

And here is somethings i found out about mine..

Triangles are a geometrically stable shape but also

suggest direction and sense of purpose.

Arrows represent direction and ambition. Drawn

aggressively,they represent a desire for action. Drawn

in careful outline, they indicate a desire for progression

or advancement, especially if pointing upwards .

Purple may represent sexual frustration or a need

to appear unorthodox, and is a favorite color of artists .

Red often represents power. It can indicate anger

('seeing red') or a need to impose authority .

That`s just some of my " meanings "

Even though i was not really thinking of

what i was drawing - it seems my unconscious mind

was telling me something else .

I do have plans for another direction - i wish to go

and feel more fulfilled creatively .

Although it seemed a childish way to draw -

i have discovered something else about myself .

What will your doodles say about you ??

** text from Doodle analysis on Ask.com **


Curtains ! ...

Hopefully now i am back !
We had a serious problem with our
computer over the weekend -
but hopefully now this is sorted .
Using something like your computer -
then not having it - makes you realise
how dependant you can get on them -
and having to find something else to replace this
It`s like telling a chocoholic - you cannot have any
and all you can think about is chocolate - and want more.

Anyway ... Onto my " makes " ..

A Christmas curtain ring ornamnet .
Made from a wooden curtain ring -
Christmas robin topper image -
stitched with embroidery floss and beads
and fibres added .
How i made this is HERE

And more Christmas items

Moo Cards - for Fun friday challenge .
These are 7cm x 2.8 cm .
Quite a small space to create on -
but fun and quick to create !


It`s That Time Again !

Yes - it is here once more ...
After doing this for the first time -
last year - i am doing my second

Christmas Cracker Swap !!

So here are the details - if you did
not take part last year ...

Please comment and say you wish to join in .
You have until Friday 21st November
to join in the fun !

I will then pair up swap partners - and post
on Saturday 22 nd Nov .

What you have to do is ....
Create a cracker - from a cardboard tube -
either made or from a kitchen / toilet roll inner.
However big you wish -
Then decorate the outside - how you wish !
Paper - fabric - thin card etc .

THEN - you have to place goodies inside the
cracker - for your chosen partner to open .
It does not have to "snap " like a real cracker -
but if you want to do this - go ahead !
At least one item has to be Christmas related - the
rest is up to you - and how much you wish to
spend- so discuss with your chosen partner .

It has to be mailed by
Friday 5th December .

So you have 2 weeks to create this !
Decide a date between yourselves -
i know some may need all the time
to create - due to other commitments .

Below is a button - to place on your blog
and to spread the word - if you wish ...

So .. what are you waiting for ???

Oh - and please say - if you do not

mind swapping with little old me ;o)


Rememberance Day ...

For all those who fought and fell ..

God bless - and thank you .

photo taken in Northumberland Nov 2008
At Fountains Hall .

It reads - or click to view ....

When you go home
Tell them of us
And say
For your tomorrow
We gave our today .

From this their home

They went forth to war .


Novembers challenge ...

Another new month - and another
challenge on Gails Mind wide open blog .
This was our image to use - with the word prompt
was beloved - to use if you wished .

I just made this one in time - with being away
for most of this week and doing our 80`s party as well .
So i decided on a digital collage ..
Voting starts on the 8th november -
so if you would like to vote for a favourite or just
see all the talented artists work
visit them all HERE

The celebrating is winding down ..

Click on the tape to play - one more time ...

I hope this one works for you Rhonda !!

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

Oh - damn it - have i forgotten something !! ???

Rhonda and Carolyn`s party !!! That`s it !!! ;o)

The Killers - have finally made it for you !!

And they`re singing Planet earth -
with Duran Duran !!

" Hey - it wasn`t me " shouts Brandon ...

Rhonda just pulled me off the stage and

we had a birthday smooch encounter ! !!

Dream on girl !! LOL !!

This is one of my gifts - i actually

gave Rhonda ...

A collaged canvas - with our love for Robins ...

And just one last thing

from Brandon ....

Thankyou to all who helped

Rhonda celebrate her 40th birthday !!

I hope you enjoyed our blasts

from the past and brought back
fond memories ..

For all those that took part or

commented - we have a gift for you .

I created this digital collage sheet -

to use as you wish !

We will sort out who will email who -

And thank-you for joining us both !!
See what Rhonda has posted
for today HERE

Enjoy the rest of your weekend !!
And thankyou Rhonda - for
having the idea to do this and combine with
your birthday ..
I hope it`s one you`ll never forget !!


It`s Party Time !!

Click on the tape to play !!

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

And lets PARTY !!!!


Like fersure !! ;o)

Welcome to Rhonda and Carolyn`s

80`s Birthday bash !!

Here we are celebrating the 80`s and Rhonda`s

40th birthday ..

If you`re taking part - or have just
dropped by - i hope you enjoy yourselves !
First i want to wish Rhonda

A wonderful 40th Birthday today !
One of my best friends - i love you !!
I hope you have a rocking good day !!
I wish i could be there with you - on this
special day - but i am here in spirit -
and here celebrating with you !

Now let the celebrations begin !!

Here i have a cake for you Rhonda

And of course some flowers ...

Lets open the bubbly - and take a walk

down memory lane ...

The birthday girl has just arrived
- from her trip to Paris - of course !

Just a peak into her apartment there ..

Isn`t it gorgeous !! ?

And live on stage is Duran Duran -

singing just for us Rhonda !

And here`s thee man himself -
the sex on legs ... John Taylor ;o)

My chosen outfit to wow my date ... .

And i decided on a pair of acid
yellow stiletto's - which my feet
will not appreciate by the end of the

party !!

And inside my make up bag and
on my face is this ...

eyeshadow - with electric blue mascara .

yes i did actually have these colours myself !

One of the many hairstyles - the perm

And here i am from september 1982
with my version of the relaxed perm -
gone totally wrong !! More like a frizz ball
than the result i was after . I kept going back to the
hairdressers to sort it out - as i was not happy
with it .

So my date is the dishy

John Taylor -

second on the left and wearing the white suit !!

Or this one - looking even more scrummy ;o)
Hey Rhonda - maybe i could be the bikini clad lady
who`s waiting for John coming out of the ocean
with the glass on my belly having the drink
poured in ??? LOL - From the Save a prayer
video - for those who have no clue what i`m on about !!

Then there is the music ....
That is what i remember most -
seen as though i was only 13 at the time !
The iconic Madonna . With loads of bangles ,
crucifix and torn black lace ...

Adam And The Ants ...

Who had a few hits , then seemed to fade away .
But i loved Adam - and remember getting a
calendar for christmas ` 82 - and thinking it

was the best present ever !!

Then - at my school The Human league
were a big hit .

" Don`t you want me Baby " was a massive hit

for something like 10 weeks at number 1 in the

charts .

Many of us - got the hair style
like Phil Oakey .... I didn`t quite manage it .
My hair wasn`t that long - but i had a long fringe -

and i was so jealous of a girl in my class
called Karen - who went and got it done !

And i fancied him like crazy !

Frankie Goes To Hollywood came along ...With one of their hits

" Relax " - and many wore the t-shirt
that said Frankie says Relax .

Then i went to see
Echo And The Bunneymen in concert
in 1986 . Which was the first gig i went to .

And we had the new romantic era
With wayout hair styles , makeup on men

frilly shirts - and synthesized music .

A Flock of seagulls ..

The band i was " into " the most -

can you guess ... ???


From Birmingham - UK - formed in
1978 , they released a self titled album
in 1981 - and appeared on Top of the pops
here in the UK - singing " Planet earth "
and i was watching them sing their
first hit . And i was hooked on the band !

Left to right

Simon Le Bon - Andy taylor -John Taylor -

Roget Taylor - Nick Rhodes .
Three had the same surname - but not

related in anyway .

The band looking more groomed - and
gorgeous !!

I used to flit between Simon and
John - who i was " in love with "

But now it`s John i love ! ;o)

Sorry - we`ll have to share him Rhonda !!

A more recent photo of him -

and he hasn`t done bad for his age !!
He still gets my heart pounding -
amoungst other things !! ;o)

And did you know Rhonda -
Johns favourite song is Rio ?
And guess what ? he likes to " make out "
to this tune on replay !! ? *** sigh ****
Guess i won`t be able to listen to this tune -

in quite the same way !! ;o)

A few of my treasured Duranie items ..

An original button badge and

sparkly guitar pin ...

Cassette tape of their Rio album =
from 1982 .. Which i still play !

Now - it`s time for my favourite

TV programmes !

" The Professionals "

Although this started in 1979 - it ran to
1983 . Bodie and Doyle - 2 CI5 agents -
saving the world from the baddies
and both good looking in their tight trousers

and t-shirts ! ;o)
It was my " treat " to stop up late on a sunday
evening to watch the hour long programme .
Re-runs of it - are on satelitte TV here now -

and i`m still watching them - even though i can
remember every episode today !

Another one was

" Fame "

Based on The New York school of
performing arts .

Some maybe cringing out there :o)
But it took the UK by storm ,
and the troop visited and had some gigs .

They also did a weekly magazine - which i
bought - and i got Bruno`s autograph !

The piano player in the series -

Lee Curreri .

Another craze was fitness -
with those knitted leggings !

Olivia Newton John and Jane Fonda .

Technology - by todays standard
seems stone age !

The first mobile phone made in 1983 -
and referred to as " the brick " !!
Imagine carrying that around with you now !! ?

The ghetto blaster ...
playing the C90 tapes which held
an entire album - on both sides .

The Rubik`s cube !
Although it was invented in 1979
Everyone bought one well into the 80`s - and how
frustrating was this to complete !! ?
Ok - so how many of you - peeled the stickers off
and cheated ! ??

And lastly - the Sony walkman
I didn`t have one of these , just my small ghetto

blaster .. But thankfully now i have an ipod !

That is my favourite - which i suppose stemmed
from the walkman .

I have some special gifts - for you
Rhonda ..

A ballon ride - with your date ...

And i managed to snag this on Ebay !! ;o)

A signed gold record plaque -

i know you`ll love this girl !!

And just a few last words - from the boys ...

I hope you enjoyed my walk back through the

80`s through my words and pictures .

Have a wonderful Birthday Rhonda !!

Please visit the birthday girl HERE

And i will be doing the rounds myself !

We have a link below - for you to add your name

so we can all visit you !!