It`s That Time Again !

Yes - it is here once more ...
After doing this for the first time -
last year - i am doing my second

Christmas Cracker Swap !!

So here are the details - if you did
not take part last year ...

Please comment and say you wish to join in .
You have until Friday 21st November
to join in the fun !

I will then pair up swap partners - and post
on Saturday 22 nd Nov .

What you have to do is ....
Create a cracker - from a cardboard tube -
either made or from a kitchen / toilet roll inner.
However big you wish -
Then decorate the outside - how you wish !
Paper - fabric - thin card etc .

THEN - you have to place goodies inside the
cracker - for your chosen partner to open .
It does not have to "snap " like a real cracker -
but if you want to do this - go ahead !
At least one item has to be Christmas related - the
rest is up to you - and how much you wish to
spend- so discuss with your chosen partner .

It has to be mailed by
Friday 5th December .

So you have 2 weeks to create this !
Decide a date between yourselves -
i know some may need all the time
to create - due to other commitments .

Below is a button - to place on your blog
and to spread the word - if you wish ...

So .. what are you waiting for ???

Oh - and please say - if you do not

mind swapping with little old me ;o)


suzeeez said...

I would like to participate :o) Sue

Rhondamum said...

You know that I am in Carolyn! This is the swap that brought you and Sherry into my life. What a wonderful year of friendship it has been.

Of course I would be happy to swap with you as well, silly girl.


The Tattered Rose said...

I would love to be in your cracker swap. Please count me in (and, of course, I would be thrilled to swap with you as well). Thanks for dropping by and letting me know about it. Cheers, Trish G.
p.s. Love your new banner!

Lynn said...

Can I please let you know at the end of this week? I just want to see how far I am with my other swaps :) Sounds fun though. I would love a cracker filled with bits and pieces of stuff for artwork, sewing etc :)

Recycled Rita said...

Sounds like fun! I would like to participate and I will swap with little ole you if you like...

PEA said...

I have so many swaps going on at the moment but what's one more! hehe Yes, please, dear Carolyn, I would love to participate again this year:-) xoxo

kathy said...

Carolyn - I would love to enter your swap . Sounds fun !!! kathy - ga --

kathy said...

OOPs would love to swap with you also -- kathy - ga - see other post

Bride2Be said...

Hi! I popped over from Pea's blog but I think I might be too late for this swap?? :( This sounds like fun; please let me know if I can still join in!