The celebrating is winding down ..

Click on the tape to play - one more time ...

I hope this one works for you Rhonda !!

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

Oh - damn it - have i forgotten something !! ???

Rhonda and Carolyn`s party !!! That`s it !!! ;o)

The Killers - have finally made it for you !!

And they`re singing Planet earth -
with Duran Duran !!

" Hey - it wasn`t me " shouts Brandon ...

Rhonda just pulled me off the stage and

we had a birthday smooch encounter ! !!

Dream on girl !! LOL !!

This is one of my gifts - i actually

gave Rhonda ...

A collaged canvas - with our love for Robins ...

And just one last thing

from Brandon ....

Thankyou to all who helped

Rhonda celebrate her 40th birthday !!

I hope you enjoyed our blasts

from the past and brought back
fond memories ..

For all those that took part or

commented - we have a gift for you .

I created this digital collage sheet -

to use as you wish !

We will sort out who will email who -

And thank-you for joining us both !!
See what Rhonda has posted
for today HERE

Enjoy the rest of your weekend !!
And thankyou Rhonda - for
having the idea to do this and combine with
your birthday ..
I hope it`s one you`ll never forget !!


sherry smyth said...

I've been up since 4:30 a.m. (!) and am now heading back to bed for a snooze....too much party perhaps?!?! :)

Thanks for the collage sheet it's gorgeous (my post shall be up shortly!).

Lynn said...

What a party you guys :) Just came over from Carolyn's and had a few drinks while I was there.
So sorry I couldn't be involved, I am just a bit overwhelmed right now with "everything".
I love that collage image too but it won't save for me either :(

Also LOVE what you did with Rhonda's collage gift, the feathers around the bird egg, wow, what an awesome idea :)

Let's get physical, la la la... always loved that song by Olivia :)

Rhondamum said...

OH MY GOSH! I see the casette! It's a miracle! Thank you so much for "Human". Isn't it fantastic! Woo Hoo! I'll see my boys in January! I'm am the Victim (what members of the Killers fan club are called) to look out for! Thanks for a great party and all of the great pics!

Love ya!