Curtains ! ...

Hopefully now i am back !
We had a serious problem with our
computer over the weekend -
but hopefully now this is sorted .
Using something like your computer -
then not having it - makes you realise
how dependant you can get on them -
and having to find something else to replace this
It`s like telling a chocoholic - you cannot have any
and all you can think about is chocolate - and want more.

Anyway ... Onto my " makes " ..

A Christmas curtain ring ornamnet .
Made from a wooden curtain ring -
Christmas robin topper image -
stitched with embroidery floss and beads
and fibres added .
How i made this is HERE

And more Christmas items

Moo Cards - for Fun friday challenge .
These are 7cm x 2.8 cm .
Quite a small space to create on -
but fun and quick to create !


Meggie said...

Hey Carolyn! I can see you've been quite a busy gal. Such cute "makes!" Hope your computer is feeling better.

PEA said...

Oh dear, not having the computer working would just about do me in! lol Even when the cable goes out and I can't get online it's a huge panic! Hopefully you will have no more problems with your computer!!

Such beautiful items you've been making again, you truly are the queen of crafting:-) xoxo

juls4real said...

I love these little cards. Your work is so inspiring....xo, juls

Sanja said...

This is funny...:0)))
Just yesterday,I find wooden curtain ring.
love your new work,Carolyn!

Rhondamum said...

Love them! What a great idea for a curtain ring. I still need to make some moo cards for ECS - eek! Thanks for sharing all you do! xoxo R...

Lynn said...

What a cute idea for using those old curtain rings :) Nice to see your Moo's again too.

sherry smyth said...

Ingenious idea for a curtain ring!