It`s Party Time !!

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And lets PARTY !!!!


Like fersure !! ;o)

Welcome to Rhonda and Carolyn`s

80`s Birthday bash !!

Here we are celebrating the 80`s and Rhonda`s

40th birthday ..

If you`re taking part - or have just
dropped by - i hope you enjoy yourselves !
First i want to wish Rhonda

A wonderful 40th Birthday today !
One of my best friends - i love you !!
I hope you have a rocking good day !!
I wish i could be there with you - on this
special day - but i am here in spirit -
and here celebrating with you !

Now let the celebrations begin !!

Here i have a cake for you Rhonda

And of course some flowers ...

Lets open the bubbly - and take a walk

down memory lane ...

The birthday girl has just arrived
- from her trip to Paris - of course !

Just a peak into her apartment there ..

Isn`t it gorgeous !! ?

And live on stage is Duran Duran -

singing just for us Rhonda !

And here`s thee man himself -
the sex on legs ... John Taylor ;o)

My chosen outfit to wow my date ... .

And i decided on a pair of acid
yellow stiletto's - which my feet
will not appreciate by the end of the

party !!

And inside my make up bag and
on my face is this ...

eyeshadow - with electric blue mascara .

yes i did actually have these colours myself !

One of the many hairstyles - the perm

And here i am from september 1982
with my version of the relaxed perm -
gone totally wrong !! More like a frizz ball
than the result i was after . I kept going back to the
hairdressers to sort it out - as i was not happy
with it .

So my date is the dishy

John Taylor -

second on the left and wearing the white suit !!

Or this one - looking even more scrummy ;o)
Hey Rhonda - maybe i could be the bikini clad lady
who`s waiting for John coming out of the ocean
with the glass on my belly having the drink
poured in ??? LOL - From the Save a prayer
video - for those who have no clue what i`m on about !!

Then there is the music ....
That is what i remember most -
seen as though i was only 13 at the time !
The iconic Madonna . With loads of bangles ,
crucifix and torn black lace ...

Adam And The Ants ...

Who had a few hits , then seemed to fade away .
But i loved Adam - and remember getting a
calendar for christmas ` 82 - and thinking it

was the best present ever !!

Then - at my school The Human league
were a big hit .

" Don`t you want me Baby " was a massive hit

for something like 10 weeks at number 1 in the

charts .

Many of us - got the hair style
like Phil Oakey .... I didn`t quite manage it .
My hair wasn`t that long - but i had a long fringe -

and i was so jealous of a girl in my class
called Karen - who went and got it done !

And i fancied him like crazy !

Frankie Goes To Hollywood came along ...With one of their hits

" Relax " - and many wore the t-shirt
that said Frankie says Relax .

Then i went to see
Echo And The Bunneymen in concert
in 1986 . Which was the first gig i went to .

And we had the new romantic era
With wayout hair styles , makeup on men

frilly shirts - and synthesized music .

A Flock of seagulls ..

The band i was " into " the most -

can you guess ... ???


From Birmingham - UK - formed in
1978 , they released a self titled album
in 1981 - and appeared on Top of the pops
here in the UK - singing " Planet earth "
and i was watching them sing their
first hit . And i was hooked on the band !

Left to right

Simon Le Bon - Andy taylor -John Taylor -

Roget Taylor - Nick Rhodes .
Three had the same surname - but not

related in anyway .

The band looking more groomed - and
gorgeous !!

I used to flit between Simon and
John - who i was " in love with "

But now it`s John i love ! ;o)

Sorry - we`ll have to share him Rhonda !!

A more recent photo of him -

and he hasn`t done bad for his age !!
He still gets my heart pounding -
amoungst other things !! ;o)

And did you know Rhonda -
Johns favourite song is Rio ?
And guess what ? he likes to " make out "
to this tune on replay !! ? *** sigh ****
Guess i won`t be able to listen to this tune -

in quite the same way !! ;o)

A few of my treasured Duranie items ..

An original button badge and

sparkly guitar pin ...

Cassette tape of their Rio album =
from 1982 .. Which i still play !

Now - it`s time for my favourite

TV programmes !

" The Professionals "

Although this started in 1979 - it ran to
1983 . Bodie and Doyle - 2 CI5 agents -
saving the world from the baddies
and both good looking in their tight trousers

and t-shirts ! ;o)
It was my " treat " to stop up late on a sunday
evening to watch the hour long programme .
Re-runs of it - are on satelitte TV here now -

and i`m still watching them - even though i can
remember every episode today !

Another one was

" Fame "

Based on The New York school of
performing arts .

Some maybe cringing out there :o)
But it took the UK by storm ,
and the troop visited and had some gigs .

They also did a weekly magazine - which i
bought - and i got Bruno`s autograph !

The piano player in the series -

Lee Curreri .

Another craze was fitness -
with those knitted leggings !

Olivia Newton John and Jane Fonda .

Technology - by todays standard
seems stone age !

The first mobile phone made in 1983 -
and referred to as " the brick " !!
Imagine carrying that around with you now !! ?

The ghetto blaster ...
playing the C90 tapes which held
an entire album - on both sides .

The Rubik`s cube !
Although it was invented in 1979
Everyone bought one well into the 80`s - and how
frustrating was this to complete !! ?
Ok - so how many of you - peeled the stickers off
and cheated ! ??

And lastly - the Sony walkman
I didn`t have one of these , just my small ghetto

blaster .. But thankfully now i have an ipod !

That is my favourite - which i suppose stemmed
from the walkman .

I have some special gifts - for you
Rhonda ..

A ballon ride - with your date ...

And i managed to snag this on Ebay !! ;o)

A signed gold record plaque -

i know you`ll love this girl !!

And just a few last words - from the boys ...

I hope you enjoyed my walk back through the

80`s through my words and pictures .

Have a wonderful Birthday Rhonda !!

Please visit the birthday girl HERE

And i will be doing the rounds myself !

We have a link below - for you to add your name

so we can all visit you !!


Rhondamum said...

Ohmagawd Caz! Like, you're like, so totally awesome! I just love what you did, like, for our party! I, like, love my gifts and like all of the walks down memory lane. Like, I know that like, if we both grew up in like, the same town, we would be like BFF! Glad God gave me the gift of you for my adult years! I love you! R...

Rhondamum said...

Oh, and like, send John over when you get done with him. I love the way he and Simon are singing to me. Like, OHmaGawd!

PEA said...

This has been such a fun post...totally, like, awesome!! I've wished the birthday girl my best wishes and have done my post for the party:-) When I look back at the makeup and hairstyles we wore back then, it makes me cringe! lol Dancing in my chair here to the awesome music!! xoxo

sherry smyth said...

leg warmers!!! ballet flats from capezio...the'm having a flashback!!! I'll post my party post tomorrow...meantime...HAPPY BIRTHDAY RHONDA!

Abbie said...

lol! What fun! loving all the Duran Duran images.. they were, like, most def my fav. Oh, like, I never, like peeled the stickers, that would have, like, trashed my nails. I, like, popped the pieces out of the cube and put them, like, back in right. :) Totally awesome fun!