Hi everyone ;o)

Where has my followers link buttons gone on my side bar !! ??

Does anyone know how to get it back ! ??

Anyway .. i will try and sort it out later ...

For those who are not on Facebook following me ..

The past few weeks have been worrrying , tiresome - to say the least ..

due to my FIL being rushed into hospital with internal bleeding .

3 weeks on .. he is better and getting ready to come home ..

He is such a fighter and proud man , and having seen him at his

worst with oxygen and tubes everywhere .. i have to admire him more

So i am sad to say .. i have not had any creative time to speak of ..

We went away for a couple of days recently , once we knew

that dad was in the clear and i have photos but not downloaded

them yet .. So i hope to share some with you soon ;o)

Thanks for dropping by .. and i hope to get back to

normal as soon as !! ;o)


I hope everyone had a good easter break !

And my international friends got to watch the Royal Wedding ...

I finally feel like getting back to "normal " after 2 long weekends

of visiting friends , having great weather and 3 BBQ`s ;o)

This is a vintage tablecloth i found .. It had worn holes

in parts , otherwise i would have kept it whole ..

So i`ve been coming up with things to reuse it in ..

I cut out 2 circle pieces and made a quick

pomander filled with lavender ....

vintage seam binding hanger

reverse side ...

Now it`s time to think of something else to create ,

as my muse was on holiday too !

Thanks for popping by ...