First of all i would like to wish my readers ..
A Very Happy New year !!
May you all have love , peace , health and happiness
in the year to come ..
Also as you will see below
It`s my birthday next friday !!
Also it`ll be my 500th post !! wow !!
So keeping the tradition of a blog party ,
here are the details ..
Do a post on your blog , so i and others can comment on it ,
along with what outfit you would wear - get those bikini`s out ladies !!
accesories etc.
Your dream date , and what you would virtually gift me with !
That`s it , pretty simple .. Or if you`re still busy with the
holiday season , i hope you will pop by on the day and see what i
have instore for you all !!
Fun and some laughs along the way .

Thanks for popping by and if i do not post before my
birthday , then i will see you here !!


Wishing everyone a
Very happy Christmas !!
I hope you all enjoy yourselves and spend time
with those who matter to you the most


Canvas book
using A4 sized folded pieces from a pad halved to create pages
This is another on going project ;o)
I bought a pad of canvas pieces and wanted to make a book
I painted the outside in green red and gold acrylic
paints before sticking this sewn piece for the front .
I would have liked to sew it on , but my machine isn`t working ...
Maybe santa will bring me another !

using white crinkle material , nearly like muslin , with a
green square crochet mat i found , then added other pieces
of material . vintage buttons and a bird in a nest with chicks image .
Also once complete , it has a seam binding closure

My second page , using vintage wallpaper and ledger paper,
and a house created from material scraps .. I need to do something
else with this .. but i haven`t thought of anything .. yet ;o)

Canvas on a roll or in a pad is a wonderful medium to
create on , painted , collaged , stitched , tags , postcards etc
why not have a go yourself ! ?


Scrapbook journal .. page size 5 x 3 "
I bought a book of study cards with a wirebounded edge
and decided to use it and make a small scrap journal ,
all those small pieces and scraps i cannot bear to throw ,
you know the feeling , if you`re a serious crafter / hoarder ;o)
It will be an ongoing project , and below are some of the pages
that i`ve done .. I will be going through them again to add
any text or drawings to each page at a later date ..

Many thanks to those who have given me support
on the news of my father in law`s cancer ..
At the moment , he is awaiting on an appointment to
go see about having chemo , which we think will
be sometime in the new year ...
Otherwise , he is doing well ;o)


2 " Vintage style postcards "
christmas themed .
I created these on some free postcards i aquired
Covering the fronts with various items
like vintage music paper , wallpaper scrap , angel
images , green velvet trim and red / gold ric rac..

I have been absent .. once again ;o)
We had some sad news that our father in law has
pancreatic cancer , they cannot operate due to his
heart problems , so we are waiting on the news of
what treatment he can have , which is most
likely to be chemotherapy ... We find out next week ...
So i have not had that much time creativity wise
as we are taking care of him ...
Thanks for popping by once more ..
Have a good weekend everyone ..

Felted acorns ..
I had seen other artists create felted acorns using the
wool , but i had none and no proper equipment for it.
But this way is so easy to do , anyone can have a go ;o)
Gather acorns and remove the inner ..
then you need some felted beads , and all you do is
cut them , i cut them in half then put them inside to see first
if they looked right if not trim more off .Then just glue them in place
These are mine ...

Then i had a bead cap lying around for ages ,
so i used the same technique , but put a head pin in before gluing
the bead inside , so i can use it as a charm on something .
How easy is that ! ??

Have a lovely weekend everyone !!


Wooden Bird House
Size 6 x 7 cm

Sorry i have been absent once again , for the past 3 weeks
we have been decorating and you may know that
if you follow me on facebook ;o) Now we`re doing the back room !
I did manage some creative time , but not much ,
as our stuff is all over the house including
my studio which is already full to bursting !
A wooden house shape altered with vintage wallpaper
inked edges , a bird stamp , scrap of lace and an egg shape pearl
from an inner of an old earring . Which can be hung , as it
has a hole in the back ..

Here`s just a few pics of our front room decorating ;o)
Cube storage unit ..
dark wood blinds ..

And just one wall with new wallpaper which was a
real pain to cut around that fireplace i can tell you !!

Thanks for popping by .. and i hope everyone is well ! ;o)


" Argyll " the sock puppy ;o)
I decided to make a soft toy , out of a new sock
i had , you can of course use one that you just
have one left of , or an old washed one ..

Here he is playing in my back garden ;o)

Playing with his ball ..
Bringing a stick for you to throw ..

Playing peek - a boo ....
And wanting his tummy rubbing ! lol

Created with a sock , stuffed , felt pieces on
underside of ears / feet , vintage button eyes/ nose
and leather strip for a collar ..
I used this tutorial ..


Felted items ..
made from this mens sweater i felted
a while ago ..

handsewn purse using matching wool ..
my sewing machine has decided not to work !

and these fingerless gloves . from the top photo ,
showing where i cut it to create them .The V neck ribbed
part is the bottom as just seen on the below picture
These are very soft and warm , and i shall be
using them for my outdoor photography !


Vintage blue flocked notebook
Size 3,5 x 5.25 "
I`ve wanted to make a fabric covered notebook for a while
and i had a blank paged notebook insert finally i
could use .
I used vintage blue flocked fabric

Sewed a vintage crochet piece with a part from
a clipon earring , pale blue seam binding tie
and 2 cherry applique`s

Inside is over 80 pages of quality paper
and i made a quick gift tag as well ..

I sewed a piece of another crochet trim on the
book spine too

This is for sale .. for £9.00 ( approx $14 )
postage / packing included . Any interest please do get in touch ;o)
Thanks !!

Tiny crochet nest on a real branch piece
size 4 " long .
This is my first time at crocheting and i ended up
with a small nest shape , so i decided to use it
and came up with this .. You can just fit your finger inside the
nest to give you an idea of how small it is ;o)

I sewed 2 egg shaped beads inside ..
added 2 of my felted leaves

Cut a small piece of a branch then sewed it onto
the branch with the wool that i had left over from
the crocheting ..

And this is another i made after - and added
3 small beads this time and ready to attatch to
another project . I`m not sure what i will use the nest on
the branch for .. maybe artwork or turn it into a brooch !

Thanks for popping by , and i hope you`re
all doing well ;o)


Summer wrap bracelets ..
I made myself some of these easy to
make bracelets a while back .. and not had
2 of them off my wrist so far this summer !

Made like those skooby laces that were all the craze
a while back , just using a length of suede folded then weaving
in a scrap piece of vintage material , then adding a button
if you like to keep it closed . I made 4 , as they only took
about 20 minutes and are quite addictive !

I can`t believe it`s August already ...
Where has the time gone ! ?
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer ..
and thanks for popping by ..


I just wanted to say firstly Thankyou
to all those who have visited me so far ..
Being absent for a while can make you "forget"
to visit people , so i greatly appreciate it ;o)

"Life Let Us Cherish "
7 x 5 " canvas .

2 layers of sealed watercolours ,
face image in bottle cap - sealed with glossy accents
with metal side wings

Vintage ledger paper / text , millinery
bouquet held by velour ribbon and brads and a
recycled butterfly brooch piece hand sewn on .

Close up of the text ..

Thanks for looking - and have a great day ! ;o)


I seemed to have lost my blogging voice recently..
And i`m not one to prattle on just about any old stuff ;o)
I`ve just enjoyed the time away doing other things and
being outdoors while we`re having some gorgeous weather -
which i hope everyone else is having ..
But hopefully i am back
for now ... my muse has had a rest as well ..
but i managed to create this ..
Seashore shadow box .
All things i have collected , along with a couple
of purchased shells in a compressed wooden box lid .
Mounted onto thick card and backed with a cream linen effect paper.
Just something simple that i can look at and bring back memories
of being at the beach ..

I was pleased to find a small piece of driftwood -
my first find as it seems to be difficult to come
across here !

Vintage stamp with seagulls and a couple of feathers
placed at the top ...

Thanks for dropping by to see what i`m up to ...