I just wanted to say firstly Thankyou
to all those who have visited me so far ..
Being absent for a while can make you "forget"
to visit people , so i greatly appreciate it ;o)

"Life Let Us Cherish "
7 x 5 " canvas .

2 layers of sealed watercolours ,
face image in bottle cap - sealed with glossy accents
with metal side wings

Vintage ledger paper / text , millinery
bouquet held by velour ribbon and brads and a
recycled butterfly brooch piece hand sewn on .

Close up of the text ..

Thanks for looking - and have a great day ! ;o)


PEA said...

Well there you are!! I was just about ready to send a tall dark handsome Mountie to go search for you...oh you still want me to send him??? lol Welcome back to the blogging world, my friend. I haven't been blogging or visiting half as much as I usually do, there's just so much else to do at this time of year. We're having a cool spell these last couple of days so I'm staying in and getting caught up with my blogging buddies:-)

I can see that you've been busy creating some more wonderful pieces of art!! Beautiful!! xoxo

Robin said...

What a beautiful piece Carolyn and your colors are just wonderful!

Meggie said...

Just stopping by to say hello, Carolyn. I, too, haven't been blogging like I used to. So much to do in the summertime. Hope all is well.

Rhondamum said...

Love this! Need to watch some VDs baby! xoxo R...