" Mabel in her garden .. "
Pen / watercolour drawing in an A5 sketchbook.

closer view of Mabel ;o)
Apology`s for the watermark on there .. fellow
artists will know why i did it ;o)

I`ve not done much else ... our father in law
had a stroke this past sunday
besides his terminal cancer diagnosis.
So we`re making constant trips to the hospital
he was made stable , having tests as to why it happened .
So i know you`ll understand why i may not be
on here or visit you ;o) I will try to though ;o)
Thanks for popping by !


Feathered Egg ..
size .... 2.5 "
Just a quick project i did , covering a plastic
egg that i had , which before just had some
painted design on , and i wasn`t keen on it ;o)

Just gluing feathers onto it ..
really simple and quick !

Thanks for popping by ..
And have a great weekend !


Mini Spring Wreath
Size 3 " dia
I reused a small christmas willow wreath ,
which i spray painted matt white .

And added faux moss , 2 feathers ,
vintage flowers and a tiny mushroom bird ;o)

The top has 2 fabric leaves and i dried the flower head myself
the yellow ball head , but i cannot remember what it
is called !! lol ...
It can be hung , so i used a pale yellow seam binding .

Thankyou to all for my birthday wishes too !
I had a great day !!! ;o)


" Happy Birthday Carolyn !!

I`ll be there soon !! "

Thankyou David .. and i`m sure you will not

behave yourself today ... seen as though you`re no Angel !!


To my own private island beach blog party !!
And it is my 500th post ! Wow !! Did i ever think i could
post that many and keep it going too !!
Hope the flight wasn`t too long for you all ..
But here is our own private island for the weekend !

Whoo Hoo !!!

Here is where you`ll all be staying ...
Doesn`t it look beautiful ! ??

With views to die for like this ...

Here i am waiting to greet you all ;o)

Grab yourselves a rum coconut drink ...
And let`s get this celebration underway ...

I`d like to introduce my date ! ;o)
Boy have i been waiting for this day !! lol

Ian Somerhalder - from The Vampire Diaries
Mr sex on legs , with thee most gorgeous blue eyes
I have EVER seen !!

You may also notice that we do quick changes throughout the day too !!

Looking absolutely gorgoeus in the suit Ian , but that
won`t be on for too long !! lol ...

Ian " Hello Carolyn .. I have been busy getting ready
for your special birthday celebration ..
checking my teeth , so i can sink them into
you later !! "

( ooo ..... bite me now...... Ian !! ))

" Plant one here .... on these lips .. "

Caz thinks - as if he needs to ask me !! ?
Running on over to have a birthday smoochy babes !!

And for a cuddle .. don`t we look good together !! ;o)

here is my main swimsuit .. I hope you like it too Ian ! ;o)

Ooooo .. now where has he gone ! ??
I can see someone in the water ..
Let me go and have a closer look ..

OMG !! I have died and i am in heaven !!... lol
Knock me down with a feather ....
Just look at those abs .. and you`re all wet ....

Put it away boy for now . .. i`m having some of that later !! lol

anyway Ian .... enough of flaunting yourself !!
I`m drooling enough now , i don`t know about my guests !!

Look where we`re sleeping tonight hun !! ??

Aaawwhh , he`s giving me a cuddle now and whispering
naughty things in my ear ...

Oooo .. you naughty naughty boy Ian !!

........ Maybe later .... rofl .....

So then girls .. How about a dip in the waterslide pool ! ??

yeee hawww lets go !!

Oh damn !! this cozzie bottom keeps riding up
my behind !! ;o) he he ... ;o)

Let`s try scuba diving in the gorgeous warm clear water ..

Strike a pose ... he he !!

Look no hands !!

Phew .. just need a quick rest girls ..
But how about riding a horse on the beach !!

So .. now Ladies ;o)

You`re probably wondering who else has come ??
Let`s see who we spot as we ride down the beach front ...

Super .. Man .. Tom Welling ...
He can come and save me anytime !!
Gorgeous ! Sorry Ian !! lol

Paul Walker ... Hope he`s not
Too fast and furious !! lol ...

Jason Statham ...Cranking ..... up the heat up !!

Gerard Butler ... Loved him in 300 ...

Hugh Jackman ....

James Mcavoy -- looking a little tired already ..
He may need some help ... any offers girls !! ?

Bad boy Colin Farrell ..

And showing off ..... David Beckham !!

Time for a slow dance me thinks now ... ;o)
I`ve waited along time for this !!

Ready to go in again girls !! ??

On jet ski`s this time !!

Oh my .. how`s this happened !! ? lol
Well hello boys ... ;o) Fancy running into you here ..
Quick now .. let me put some clothes on and run
to my date ..
Otherwise he`ll be off !!

That`s better ... ;o) A picture to remember this
day .. along with some other of my guests ha ha !
bet you didn`t think i`d get a snap !! lol
Just a few to give you the idea !!

My friend Tracey ! ;o) Seems to be distracted ..
maybe by all the hunky men ! ?? you`re looking good in
the red swimsuit !! ;o)

OMG Rhonda !! You`re looking hot girl !!
No wonder you`re still with Brandon Flowers !!

Well . it is near the end of my birthday celebration ladies ;o)

Time for abit of relaxation now ...
and to top up that tan ...

While some of the men play a last game of
beach volleyball ..

So would you all like to join me in a drink ..

Cheers everyone and thank you so much for coming
helping me celebrate my birthday today ..
and reading this long post too !
And Hope fully it has given you a laugh !!

Enjoy the sunset on this piece of paradise ...

Please also say so in your comment , if you have done a post
to help me celebrate my birthday - and i will be over to see it -
I can`t wait to see what you have come up with this year ...

Thankyou all so much !! I had a wonderful time getting ready
for this day .......
I hope you all had a great time too !!