I just wanted to say firstly Thankyou
to all those who have visited me so far ..
Being absent for a while can make you "forget"
to visit people , so i greatly appreciate it ;o)

"Life Let Us Cherish "
7 x 5 " canvas .

2 layers of sealed watercolours ,
face image in bottle cap - sealed with glossy accents
with metal side wings

Vintage ledger paper / text , millinery
bouquet held by velour ribbon and brads and a
recycled butterfly brooch piece hand sewn on .

Close up of the text ..

Thanks for looking - and have a great day ! ;o)


I seemed to have lost my blogging voice recently..
And i`m not one to prattle on just about any old stuff ;o)
I`ve just enjoyed the time away doing other things and
being outdoors while we`re having some gorgeous weather -
which i hope everyone else is having ..
But hopefully i am back
for now ... my muse has had a rest as well ..
but i managed to create this ..
Seashore shadow box .
All things i have collected , along with a couple
of purchased shells in a compressed wooden box lid .
Mounted onto thick card and backed with a cream linen effect paper.
Just something simple that i can look at and bring back memories
of being at the beach ..

I was pleased to find a small piece of driftwood -
my first find as it seems to be difficult to come
across here !

Vintage stamp with seagulls and a couple of feathers
placed at the top ...

Thanks for dropping by to see what i`m up to ...