I finally finished a necklace for
myself , having said in a previous post
i needed some wire - i decided not to
purchase it - because basically it looked
crap to tell the truth - it was not a shiny silver
colour and looked like it had been there on the shelf
years with tarnishes on it . It was not the
look i was after. So i had to improvise again
with what i had ...
18" long on a piece of leather .

i sewed some vintage mint green crochet
pieces , carefully picked from an old mat

added a bird bead

The other side i used a vintage button
and the ring is an actual jade ring i had
not worn for a while ..

I made the egg from transluscent fimo
which is sealed and i had the idea to use
split rings of all things - to replace the wire .

My second piece is a more simpler
necklace . Taken from the same crochet mat
which was a diamond shape - and was ideal for this
project , as it hangs in a V shape , just below the collar bone
and is 11 " with an extender antique copper chain .

If there`s any interest in this piece
from my readers - i will sell it at a reduced
price - before placing in my shop .
Just let me know ;o)
Thanks and enjoy your day !!


I made this last night , as i am
waiting to go out and purchase
some wire tomorrow to finish another
project that has been waiting all week !
I hate this when funds are limited for me
and i cannot get on with the intended project.
It seems to block my creative streak as i get
annoyed with not having the correct supplies .
So i just started and came up with this -
even though the fastening was not what i
originally wanted for this .
15" long - on a faux suede sky blue thong .

" Heart Bird "

Mother of pearl button fastening ..

Metal dangle 4" long -
using items from found jewellery -
chain / glass / stone beads

Wired heart and tiny bird bead 1.5 cm wide .

Just listed in my SHOP


Captured last weekend at
East Riddleston Hall , West Yorkshire .

Wishing you all a great weekend !!


Just A Weed ?

The humble dandelion . The bain of
most gardeners ..
But i love it`s vibrant colour ..
Splaying itself upward towards the sun
and saying i am here . The flower head
petals are called ray florets -
They mature into
the hair like parachutes to continue their
growth elsewhere .

Remember picking and blowing one
as a child ??


Egg Wrap Bracelet ...

I first want to thank Marilyn
- as i just received her book give away
she held for April . I won this book !!
It seems to have had an effect already - as i am in the
middle of more spring cleaning - and i`m enjoying it !
Many thanks Marilyn - and for the handmade
book mark too ;o)

And in between enjoying the lovely weather -
my latest creation is an egg wrap bracelet .
25" long to be wrapped around the wrist
3 times .

Thick honey leather with velvet trim
and glass / stone beads ..

Hand made fimo egg bead- painted and sealed
with matt varnish sat on a vintage crochet piece .
Mother of pearl buttons at intervals .

Me modelling it ;o)

I hope to list it in my shop soon -
but for now - i am going out enjoying more
of our good weather . Have a great day !!


" Creation " fabric assemblage ...

Fabric hanger

" Creation "

size 6.5 x 7 "
Using a dark brown crinkle material
which i thought - looked like the bark of
a tree - re enforced with interfacing .The
reverse is just plain material .

Handmade fimo word hanger

Tiny nest with moss and 2 leaves ..

Ripped piece of material attatched to a twig
to hang it from .

Blue vintage blanket binding ruffle
vintage lace and button and 3 seed beads .

I was tempted to put " nest " - as the word -
but i think that is a " well used " one .
I may use it at a later date - and apologise and
don`t wish to offend other artists who decide to use it !


Blooming Marvellous ...

Flowers - that is ......
Snaps taken over the past few days ..
Spring is definately showing herself .
A single tulip - which was not planted
by us - it`s just appeared ! Like a few
other ones that have done ...

An orchid re-blooming - bought for my birthday
back in January . It has only 3 " pods " to bloom
once again and looks alittle sad - but i will
persevere and see if i can work my magic !! Ha Ha !!

And Good friday - i bought this plant - a Muscari -
Or garden grape hyacinth ...
Never had one before - and it can be planted outside .

BUT - wait on ....
Where the tulip is growing .. a few inches away ..
were these growing !! I noticed these the day after
i had bought the plant .. a little ironic don`t you think ? !

So after laughing to myself ..
I took a few morning shots ...
No rain in sight - just dew on the grass-
and got this ... It looks so much better
actual size ...

I cut the photo - and in a dew bead -
the 2nd large one from the right -
i could see my relection in there !!

Can you .. ??


Happy Easter ..

Image from BBC website

Wishing all of you a
Happy Easter !
I`m taking a break - see you in a few
days time ...


Tell me Little Bird ..

7.5" square canvas.
" Tell me Little Bird "
I decided to do a pale coloured canvas
for a change .Using fabric - iron on
interfacing and the material bubbled and shrunk
when i ironed it - which i think gives
it a better effect - and i had no idea the
material would do this on a hot set iron !
The photo is surrounded
by a cut vintage doily stuck with texture paste
and colour sponged on - as it was white .

I then came up with this saying ..
using vintage words and sewed around
them all ..

It was just one of those thoughts i had in my
mind - a bird is free to do what they like -
i guess that is why i love birds and what
they represent . Something which we feel we do
not have at times in our lives .


Nostell Priory Visit ..

Last weekend - Sunday turned out to be a
beautiful sunny day - so we headed out
once again . Just a half hours drive away -
was Nostell Priory and parkland .
Built in 1733 , set in 300 acres and with
some of the best preserved Chippendale
furniture , paintings and plaster work.
Here is just a small selection of my
photo`s ... None could be taken inside the house .

The Rose garden - of course not one to be
seen yet - but it would look even more
beautiful when they do bloom ..

The lakeside walk ...

Looking down onto the Druids bridge

Further around the lake ..

Some of the many reeds

Close by was another small garden -
called The Menagerie Garden .
This building was stood there - unfortunately
you could not go inside and i`m thinking
it was maybe a summer house .

One of the side doors ..

And some of the flowers budding
and blooming ...

And one of the hundreds of
daffodils scattered around the grounds .

Of course i would love to visit again -
in the summer for the gardens .
But this - my first visit to Nostell priory ,
was still an enjoyable experience !