I did some baking yesterday -
with fimo - and created these 2 new
pendants . I used one of my few clear / rubber
stamps for these - rolled it out and pressed
the stamp into it . And i am happy with the result !
I think most photos are clickable to see details ;o)

" Deco Rose "

1" x 1.5"

The fimo was a sandy colour - and i painted
the roses / leaves with a tiny brush using
arcylic paints , then i put a pearly glaze over it .

Then twisted a wire for the loop hanger .

You can see more of the pearly glaze
as it was difficult to photograph .

Ocre pebble stone Pendant
2 .5" x 2 "

I called it this because of the paint colour
i used and it reminded me of a pebble shape .
Back of the pendant with handmade paper

The front - hand painted and pearly glaze again .

A loop made from suede thong
and the" pebble " is half a centimeter thick .

Enjoy your day !!


sherry lee said...

I love how you stretch yourself to do new things, and not stay in the same routine all the time. You are very inspiring today!!!

PEA said...

Carolyn, is there anything you CAN'T do???? hehe I know I've said it before but you truly amaze me at the wonderful talent you have for anything artistic. I just LOVE these pendants you made!!! Beautiful! xoxo

Meggie said...

Oooooh Carolyn! I adore the stone pendant! So earthy and chic! You are amazing!!