Nostell Priory Visit ..

Last weekend - Sunday turned out to be a
beautiful sunny day - so we headed out
once again . Just a half hours drive away -
was Nostell Priory and parkland .
Built in 1733 , set in 300 acres and with
some of the best preserved Chippendale
furniture , paintings and plaster work.
Here is just a small selection of my
photo`s ... None could be taken inside the house .

The Rose garden - of course not one to be
seen yet - but it would look even more
beautiful when they do bloom ..

The lakeside walk ...

Looking down onto the Druids bridge

Further around the lake ..

Some of the many reeds

Close by was another small garden -
called The Menagerie Garden .
This building was stood there - unfortunately
you could not go inside and i`m thinking
it was maybe a summer house .

One of the side doors ..

And some of the flowers budding
and blooming ...

And one of the hundreds of
daffodils scattered around the grounds .

Of course i would love to visit again -
in the summer for the gardens .
But this - my first visit to Nostell priory ,
was still an enjoyable experience !


amy said...

Oh that looks so beautiful. I love the druids bridge. Why do they call it that? And the little summer home I could just move right into! :)

PEA said...

I so loveeeee visiting places like that! As you say, it will look that much more magnificent once all the flowers are in bloom so yes, you do have to go back then:-) Loved seeing all the pictures, such a delight to go on a little trip with you:-) xoxo

*Noelle* said...

what a neat place to visit! love the old look of the buildings; almost a bit mysterious looking!!

noelle ♥

sherry lee said...

There are some of the most amazing places within visiting distance of your home!! Your photography is amazing are perfecting the art of the close up to make the photograph "speak".

What do I love about Nostell? I love that gothic arched door! I love the druids bridge...can't you see them walking across that?!? Now, that water looks mighty cold but it adds the perfect touch to the scenery!! I don't picture druids with sparkling blue water!! :)