Mushroom keyring
I made myself this keyring -
a mushroom from baked fimo -
along with a hand sewn leather leaf .
Mushroom size 1.75 "
leaf - 4 " long .

I then painted it - using acrylics , brown base

with ochre , purples , cream , grey and sealed it .

The ring was another screw eyelet - which you

can purchase from any hardware store .

Which was put in the top before baking it .

I also just wanted to say -
My dear friend Rhonda is going through
a tough time right now . Her darling dog Sandee
was run over near her home on Tuesday - and the woman that
did this - drove off without doing anything about it .
Sandee managed to crawl to the kerb
where she died a couple of minutes later . A witness saw it all ,
and had the decency to tell her .
I am devastated by this - and of course all of Rhonda`s
family are too . The cowardliness of the woman , for not
stopping , even if it were an accident - to tell her and explain .
The witness shouting at her - then the woman ducking and
hiding her head while driving away - shame on you !!!
My thoughts and prayers are with you dear Rhonda .


EDIT : I have 2 generous people - thankyou -
But if you wish to take part , why not still do a
post - to carry this on ? Please let me know -
I will be adding a list on my side bar of participants !
Thanks so much !!

What`s the above picture for ??

You maybe asking yourself .. ?

I had an idea a few days ago -
To spread some love throughout blogland -
in an easy creative way - i`m hoping ;o)
If you`re fed up of the cold weather ,
you do not know what to create and your
muse has vacated . I thought this would be
a good idea , as a jump start back to creating .

I know i am in that position !!

If you would like to help me start this - and help spread
some love , who doesn`t love getting something
handmade , then continuing it yourself ! ?

Well then ... here are the " rules " .

Ideally you should have a blog ;o)
Grab the above button picture ,
do a post on your blog , explaining the following ..

1 . Create a tag , any size , in your chosen meduim .
2. Show your created tag as the " gift "
3. Ask for 2 people to sign up .
4. The first to comment - will get your tag .
The second person will send one to yourself
and if they wish , do a post with another made
tag or just a link to here - for someone else to
carry it on from their blog .

That way - you get one back too ;o)

5 . You have to incorporate a heart - and the colour red
in your tag .

So here is my mine ... waiting for someone
out there ...

Size 2.25 x 4 "

Mixed media photo pocket tag .
Organza , lace - dyed muslin stitched , with fibres
and a white velvet hanger . Small paper inked
pocket - to put a photo inside - apperture size
1 " x 1.5 " long .

I`m hoping this will take off and spread -
bring some love , and joy to others -
So what are you waiting for ! ??


Dangle Birds ..
Made from mostly recycled materials ..

An inner crochet circle picked from a larger old doily -
approx 3 " diameter
Folded in half , stuffed , button eyes ,
material scrap wings

Reusing beads , hung on a cord with

legs of knitted ribbon and a bead end .

The same way - except done with
a vintage scrap of material .

Felt wings and beak , all hand sewn ..

A good way to use any scrap items you
have - instead of throwing them away !
And they did not take too long to make !

********* To the person who commented
anonymously - you know who you are ..
But i don`t know - who you are ! ********


Edward Cullen

Pencil / watercolour drawing - size approx 12 x 10 "

It`s no surprise to my regular readers - that i
would try my hand at drawing Robert Pattinson`s
Twilight character ! ;o) As i`ve been reading the books
and i needed a rest from my tired eyes ;o)
But not ever looking at him - of course !! LOL !!

This photo was what i worked from the past
couple of days ....

Here is my version ...

I`m still not quite happy with his lips -
and someone said he looked funny with
lipstick on !!! I said he always has red luscious
lips that stand out against his pale skin ..
And that his famous quiff hair should be darker , but i just
wanted to accent it a little - and in the book it`s
described as auburn coloured anyway ;o)

Here i`ve done a black and white photo ..

My favourite part of my drawing ..

Those eyes !! ....

Now i think , i can get back to my book !!


With the weather being very cold - snowy and
having to stay inside more than normal .
I craved some heartwarming food .
Like this soup i made yesterday .
Just a quick simple vegetable soup .

So here`s the receipe ;o)
For 4 good portions
Put some bought veg stock or a good quality cube
dissolved in a pan of hot water - approx 2 pints .
While that`s coming to boil again , i chopped an onion /
leek , 3 carrots , 1 small swede and 5 potatoes into
bite sized pieces . Place in the pan , and slow boil until soft .
take out approx half and liquidize and put back into the pan .
heat through and season . I then added some frozen garden
peas and a tin of kidney beans and heated through
some more .
You`re done !! It`s that easy - and you know what`s gone into it !
Any other veg or beans can be added - or even cooked
meat - like chicken ..

Guess what i`m having for lunch today ! ?
Enjoy !! ;o)


A huge thankyou to all who dropped
by yesterday to attend my birthday party !!
To those who sent me Ecards and emails -
it brightened my day even more !
All in all - i had a wonderful day ;o)
I do have a slight hangover though after ...

But here is Rob - he was up bright and early !! ;o)

I did get a small celebration cake ;o)
And had a small piece ..

I do need to get back in the swing of creating
now for this new year ..
But i`m undecided what to do right now !!
I guess things come to those who wait ..
A few last words ...
Wishing you all a happy weekend !!


It`s here - The Red Carpet Event of The New Decade !!

Breaking news on celebrity CNN .....
With Twilight star .. Robert Pattinson ...

Security was tight for this special event ...
Christian Bale - mouthing off as usual !!!

But we did manage to snap just a few male celebs
on their way in ...

Daniel Craig ...

Brad Pitt - minus Angelina !!

just incase there is an emergency ..
Hugh Laurie !

And Simon Baker ...
Who wouldn`t go " mental " over that guy ! ?

But where is the birthday girl ??? ...

I am here Robert !!! LOL !!
But where is my date ..... ??

No sign of him here - to greet me ..

Here i am Carolyn .... Just getting changed my sweetness
and light !! ;o)

I know you like me in a brown suit .. but ....

" I look great in black too - so here i am " ..

( Looking into the camera all moody !! )

" And i didn`t shave - i know you do love my bit of stubble !
" And not for the chin pie either - i try and give you !! "

LOL !!

Carolyn - " Never mind about the autographs !! "
" I didn`t pay you big bucks to hire you for a
couple of days - you`re all mine " !!! LOL !!! ;o)

" And sort that hair out Robert " !!

OMG - Look at you !!!!!

Am i the luckiest guy today - or what !! ?

I think i just popped my cork !! ROFL !!!!

Carolyn thinks - " well - that`s something else i`ll
have to teach you then .... !!! "

Let the celebrations begin girls !!!!
Thankyou so much for joining in my birthday
party today - if you have done a post - or not-
There is going to be more fun
done in my own humorous way - so i hope
you all enjoy yourselves !!

Here is my cake ... yum yum ..

And a swan ice sculpture ...

Chocolates in their hundreds !!

And canape`s too ....

Here is what i wowed Robert with ...

The dress ....

of course - only Jimmy Choo`s !!

Clutch bag ...

Diamond choker ... Beautiful !!

Diamond earrings ..

Long satin gloves ...

And to complete my look -
a faux fur stole ...

While we mingle , drink and eat ..
I got this inflatable twister game !!
Looks like fun - anyone game ! ?

Now then , left hand blue circle . right leg
red circle ....

Now we`ve partied a little , a fleet of limo`s are here .
To whisk you all away !!

Step inside everyone ...

My private jet is waiting to take us to an
undisclosed location !!

Our table awaits inside ...

Here we are girls !!
A french chateaux !! Isn`t it just gorgeous !! ?

Just up this staircase are your rooms ...

An example of one of the bedrooms ...

Where Robert and myself will be .... ;o)

OK - so back downstairs we all go to the ballroom ...

Where there is an orchestra playing for us ...

But here`s the best bit girls -

A foam party !!!!

I hope it won`t ruin your dress`s !!
Let`s all dive in !!!

I`ll go first then ....
Whoo hooo !!!

Come on in - the foam is great !!!
Slipping and a sliding !!
Ooppsy - i`ve lost a shoe !!
That`s not my heel i have hold of ... !!! ;o)

OOOww - great !! Look girls - some of my guests
have taken the plunge !!! LOL !!

Glad you could join us ...
Sherry - Pea - Rhonda and Meggie !!!!

And look at Noelle - with her new hubby ;o)
It is his birthday too !!

Fun fun fun !! ;o)
My glasses`s are steaming up girls !!

Ooooppps - i think we over did it with the foam !!

Oh dear !!! Look what`s happened !!
My dress has shrunk and lost it`s colour !!!!!
Guess i shouldn`t have shopped in the clothing
section at Wallmart !!! LMAO !!!

Let me take it off and change -
Quick girls make a circle around me - so Robert
doesn`t see his surprise later tonight !! Haa Haa !!!!

Too late !!!

" Oh boy - i get to see all the shebang later on -
I am in for one hell of treat , i can`t wait !!! "

Well , it is getting late now my dear friends ...
we`ve partied hard this year , laughed
talked and of course i loved and enjoyed all
of your company !!

So now - grab your dates , and we`ll all
have a slow smoochy dance ....

Rob wants to say also ..
he`s never had so much fun with so
many women in one night !!

Before he makes an exit ...

Hang on a minute ....

What`s that banging noise !! ?

I wondered where he had disappeared to !!

" ... Just maybe i can tempt her more
with " That Look " !!!
I know she can`t resist me now " ....

*** swoon ***

And wiping the dribble from my mouth !! .
No ! You`re right Robert - you know me too well !!
I`ll be right with you ....
Thankyou all of you who dropped by today .
I hope you enjoyed yourselves , didn`t drink
too much champagne and had fun reading this !!
But most of all ,
my heart felt thanks to my friends - old and new
that visit here . Normally it`s tradition to give a gift for each and
everyone of you - but i have something which you
cannot buy - which i treasure most deeply ..
my love and friendship with you ;o)

Now away i go gracefully - gotta get me some of what Rob`s offering !!!! .....
See you all at breakfast - with the hangovers !!

Here are the other guests that are taking part ..
any others will be added as is -
Please do visit them - and i will be with you all
very soon . I can`t wait to see what you have done !!
I will be stopping up late tonight - due to the time difference
between us all ...
Let the blog hopping begin !!!