With the weather being very cold - snowy and
having to stay inside more than normal .
I craved some heartwarming food .
Like this soup i made yesterday .
Just a quick simple vegetable soup .

So here`s the receipe ;o)
For 4 good portions
Put some bought veg stock or a good quality cube
dissolved in a pan of hot water - approx 2 pints .
While that`s coming to boil again , i chopped an onion /
leek , 3 carrots , 1 small swede and 5 potatoes into
bite sized pieces . Place in the pan , and slow boil until soft .
take out approx half and liquidize and put back into the pan .
heat through and season . I then added some frozen garden
peas and a tin of kidney beans and heated through
some more .
You`re done !! It`s that easy - and you know what`s gone into it !
Any other veg or beans can be added - or even cooked
meat - like chicken ..

Guess what i`m having for lunch today ! ?
Enjoy !! ;o)


sherry ♥ lee said...

This looks yummy and easy -- I'm for this!!

And for readers who might not know, a swede is a yellow turnip or rutabega. I assume most people will know, but sometimes the name for things in the U.K. is slightly different to what we would say in North America...rocket/arugula is one that comes to mind!!

Enjoy your lunch!! xo

Deborah said...

Oh YUMMMMmmmm. And healthy! Thank you for the beautiful poem about Dog Heaven...I believe it. **kisskiss** Deb

PEA said...

I wish I lived nearer, I'd be right over for a bowl of your delicious looking soup! Like you, when it's cold out, I love comfort foods like that. Yesterday I had a bowl of chili with a whole wheat bun and omigosh was it good! lol xoxo