EDIT : I have 2 generous people - thankyou -
But if you wish to take part , why not still do a
post - to carry this on ? Please let me know -
I will be adding a list on my side bar of participants !
Thanks so much !!

What`s the above picture for ??

You maybe asking yourself .. ?

I had an idea a few days ago -
To spread some love throughout blogland -
in an easy creative way - i`m hoping ;o)
If you`re fed up of the cold weather ,
you do not know what to create and your
muse has vacated . I thought this would be
a good idea , as a jump start back to creating .

I know i am in that position !!

If you would like to help me start this - and help spread
some love , who doesn`t love getting something
handmade , then continuing it yourself ! ?

Well then ... here are the " rules " .

Ideally you should have a blog ;o)
Grab the above button picture ,
do a post on your blog , explaining the following ..

1 . Create a tag , any size , in your chosen meduim .
2. Show your created tag as the " gift "
3. Ask for 2 people to sign up .
4. The first to comment - will get your tag .
The second person will send one to yourself
and if they wish , do a post with another made
tag or just a link to here - for someone else to
carry it on from their blog .

That way - you get one back too ;o)

5 . You have to incorporate a heart - and the colour red
in your tag .

So here is my mine ... waiting for someone
out there ...

Size 2.25 x 4 "

Mixed media photo pocket tag .
Organza , lace - dyed muslin stitched , with fibres
and a white velvet hanger . Small paper inked
pocket - to put a photo inside - apperture size
1 " x 1.5 " long .

I`m hoping this will take off and spread -
bring some love , and joy to others -
So what are you waiting for ! ??


Deborah said...

Oh so cute! I want to play, but don't think I can until this that too late? Doing the OWOH give away right now. **kisskiss** Deb

Sherry said...

Okay, I think I know what I'm supposed to do -- and will post mine on Thursday (need to go make one!!). xo

Tery said...

I am not sure what to do, but I am now adding your tag and link on my blog!

sanjeet said...

this mushroom just looks REAL!!! Have you looked into artfire?? No charges like etsy...a thought

Work from home India

Tery said...

Been working a lot, but plan to do the tags this week :)

Tery said...

I created my tag!!!!