Mushroom keyring
I made myself this keyring -
a mushroom from baked fimo -
along with a hand sewn leather leaf .
Mushroom size 1.75 "
leaf - 4 " long .

I then painted it - using acrylics , brown base

with ochre , purples , cream , grey and sealed it .

The ring was another screw eyelet - which you

can purchase from any hardware store .

Which was put in the top before baking it .

I also just wanted to say -
My dear friend Rhonda is going through
a tough time right now . Her darling dog Sandee
was run over near her home on Tuesday - and the woman that
did this - drove off without doing anything about it .
Sandee managed to crawl to the kerb
where she died a couple of minutes later . A witness saw it all ,
and had the decency to tell her .
I am devastated by this - and of course all of Rhonda`s
family are too . The cowardliness of the woman , for not
stopping , even if it were an accident - to tell her and explain .
The witness shouting at her - then the woman ducking and
hiding her head while driving away - shame on you !!!
My thoughts and prayers are with you dear Rhonda .


Deborah said...

When I grow up, I want to be you! This is so cute cute! **kisskiss** Deb

Sherry said...

Okay, this mushroom just looks REAL!!! Have you looked into artfire?? No charges like etsy...a thought.... :)

My sympathies to is hard to lose a beloved family member...even harder when it happens like this did.

Tery said...

So cute, I love creative people!

Anonymous said...

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sanjeet said...

This is so cute cute!

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Anonymous said...