You know the saying ....
And now for something completely different ?

Well here it is - for myself , creatively .

I watched Little Ashes - a week ago .
And OK - i have to admit , it was because Robert
Pattinson starred in it ;o) If he was not in it ,
i do not think i would have seen it .

However , i was completely enthralled by this movie -
An account of the young lives of Salvador Dali , the
poet - Frederico Garcia Locas - who fell in love with
Dali and the film maker , Luis Brunel .
The flambouyant exhibitionism and the huge ego
of Dali as an artist - believing in himself and
taking art into many facets of creating , has inspired me
to look at things differently and try out new ventures

Dali encuentra Picasso - numera 9
( Dali meets Picasso - number 9 )

Size 9 x 12 "
Watercolour / pen drawing .

I did Dali meets Picasso , because they did meet in Paris
and reportedly did not get on . Most likely a clash of ego`s -
so they are facing each other and shouting .

Picasso - on the left
Dali - on the right .
I then included some objects that each artist
had used in their work .

Picasso - the wings from a dove sketch
tomato plant and leaves , silhouette underneath
the lips . The blue and the rose colour - from his
named painting periods .

Dali - the lips - from The Mae West Lips sofa ,
an egg , and melting hair from
The Persistance Of Memory - with the
famous melting clocks .

Both of them did skulls - and Dali did
a sketch with 7 naked women - which was turned
into a photograph - which i love !

Their faces are made up of numbers -
i hope you can make out all of them ;o)

Picasso is a mirror reflection of numbers
and more angular - from his cubism work .

Dali - an out of proportion
body with long thin legs

I had the thought then of looking up
what the number 9 could mean , not
really thinking of why i did just
go up to that in my drawing . I just could not
find a way to go higher in my drawing
of the faces ;o)

This what i found ..

Nine represents attainment, satisfaction, accomplishment, and our success to achieve an influence in our circumstances. The spiritual meaning of number Nine deals with intellectual power, inventiveness, influence over situations and things. Nine beseeches us to recognize our own internal attributes, and extend these abilities out into the world to make a positive, influential difference , also the perfection of ideas and plentitude of talents .

So after finding this ..
I thought this was very fitting for the artists
i drew .. and you now see my finished piece ,
it has stretched me in a way i have not embraced
before . The time spent thinking what to do
on a blank piece of paper was the hardest to begin -
then humming and hah - ing - is it right , what
else should i place in there .. What do i want to convey ,
made it all worth while in the end -

I really enjoyed creating this piece and it
has given me more food for thought on a
another way of expressing my creative side !!!
While it may not be to eveybody`s taste -
and not my usual artistic way that i create -
something out of your comfort zone - creative wise -
is always a great thing !!


Sherry said...

It is one of the hardest things we do -- to stretch and challenge ourselves from the safety of our "known". So to do this is a huge step which I completely understand.

That you have embraced this so completely is no surprise and I would say your muse guided you as to where to do. #9 -- and you chose it without "knowing" -- then to find out its meaning and you see how sychronistic our art can be.

A true work of art, one that you have every right to be extremely proud of.

Tery said...

Awesome! I love it!

Deborah said...

Oh I LoVe! Very amazing and impressive and I love how you discovered the meaning of the number 9 after the fact! Fate! Now I must rent the movie...I adore Dali's work. **kisskiss** Deb