I have some books and a film to share -
if any of you are interested in my
recommendations ;o)

Bright Star -
Bittersweet love story of the poet
John Keats - and Fanny Brawne who was
the source of his misery , and his muse .
It focus`s on the last 3 years of their
relationship until Keats dies
at the young age of 25 . Filmed in beautiful
locations , with great music and costumes , it`s
well worth watching !

I found this book - at a charity shop . An old edition ,
originally published back in 1970 ! So you may have read or
know about this one already .
Johnathon Livingston seagull , is a seagull who thinks
differently to the others in the flock , who are only consumed
by squabbles for eating. He wants to learn to fly better , is outcast
by the others , and discovers other things along his way.
It took me an hour to read it - as it`s only a short story .
One of Bach`s quotes is -

You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self, here and now,
and nothing can stand in your way .

And lastly - i am drooling over this book .
It is on my wishlist to purchase .
Tips / ideas on how to decorate a country home.
Lavish photos - photo`s of real people`s homes
simply beautiful ! All i need is the house !!
One day .... Maybe .....

Just a few scanned pages ...

An outside area - with a bed !
Perfect on a summer`s day to read and relax !

As i finish this post .. i look outside ...
And we have snow !!
I guess the daybed will have to wait !!


Deborah said...

Now you have me interested in the movie! Oh Jonathan from my high school years...

The photos from the books are swoonilicious. I could crawl right in there. **kisskiss** Deb

Tery~Dreamwriter said...

My dream house. My dream rooms!

PEA said...

I've written down the name of that film and will look for it the next time I'm at the video store. It sounds quite fascinating!!

I remember hearing about Jonathan Livingston Seagull but have never read it.

Now you have me drooling over that book as well...imagine having an outside area with a bed!! Hey, we can dream, can't we??? lol xoxo