Monday smiles ..

" Little squirt Big squirt "
A quick drawing completed in 15 mins .

And the continuing antics of 2 of my soft toys..

this is what happens when you`re partner does

silly things , when you`re in the shower to find

them doing this ...

I`ve called this..

Rome wasn`t built in a day ;o)

And this ..
A cuddle sandwich !!

I just wonder what they`ll be up to next time !!

Have a great Monday !!


Sherry said...

You are such a nut!! :) ♥

Carolyn said...

Oh yeah ! ;o)
A real good all rounder nut !

PEA said...

They look like they're wanting to be part of the Olympics with all their stunts! hehe Love your Little squirt, Big squirt drawing, so darling. xoxo

Deborah said...

HA! I Love it! Poor little softies though. Your whales makes me think perhaps even I could attempt something SIMPLE....You are just so talented. Oooooo your tag is on it's way to you! Finally. I don't get out a lot...downfall of working at home. **blows kisses** Deb

Lynn said...

Love your whimsical illustrations, and those poor softies LOL