Fairy canvas envelope .
This is a replacement for this which i sold
towards the end of last year - picture below .
It had " got lost " on it`s way to Canada -
and i was - and let me put it nicely - peeved
at that thought , when Pea had purchased this .
So she kindly said , create me something else
instead , which was very gracious of her -
and a blessing that we do know each other !

The pressure was on - but here is my creation -
I knew she loved fairies - and the colour
pink - and i just completed this today ,
after weeks of trying to coming up with something !
Painted canvas - with gold / pink paints , sheer
organza on the flap . Pale pink vintage seam binding
enclosure ..

Butterfly & white flocked leaves ..

Flower fairy image - recycled from a card
and sewn behind plastic .
Pink lace stitched - with a crochet flower and
felted leaves - the same either side .

Inside top flap - vintage music paper
and the rest is lined with a striped material .

Something for you dear Pea - to store some
precious things of your own in !
I do hope you like it , and many thanks for
being so patient and understanding !
I will be posting it for you very soon !! ;o)


Sherry said...

Most of the time the post is reliable...and then when it isn't, there's no question we get really angry. Especially when it's something someone has paid for...we feel even worse.

I think what you've created especially with Pea in mind is lovely and I daresay she's going to love it!

Tery~Dreamwriter said...

I love victorian, pink, and vintage things! Great photos!

juls4real said...

Flower Fairys are one of my special delights. Cicely Mary Barker is one of my all time favorite artists. What a sweet gift.

xo, juls

I hope my package doesn't get lost to you....let me know when you receive it.

PEA said...

OMIGOSH!!! OMIGOSH!!!!! Carolyn, I just LOVE it! You've got me crying here, for making me something so special as a replacement for the package that got lost. I will treasure it always, my friend. Oh, I just can't believe you made this for me!!! Thank you my very dear friend. Now let's keep our fingers crossed that the parcel will arrive this time!! lol Love you. xoxox