" Bouquet "

Watercolour drawing done on an A4 size
paper .. bouquet size 8 x 6 "

This is what i did this afternoon - a week has gone by
since i last posted - sorry ;o) I know i shouldn`t apologise
but i`ve been busy doing other things , like writing a story
i have planted in my head - which i had to get a book on
creative writing from my local library for some guidance !
I`ve been writing in bed way past 1 am - which i may have to rethink
about - but i`m enjoying it !!

I` m also doing a little more poetry and reading .. and my muse
seems to be on a go slow at the moment !
So i just picked a brush up and off i went ..
Some are made up flowers - others you can make out what they are ..
And someone - naming no names - said it looked like
an old fashioned wallpaper from the 60`s !! HUH ! ???
This was said when i was halfway through it !

More of a close up ...

Thanks for peaking - and hope you`re
having a great day !


Deborah said...

Hmmm would that little somebody be The Mister? I think it is beautiful and most certainly not old wallpaper! **kisskiss** Deb

Sherry said...

Has the somebody looked at old fashioned wallpaper from the 60s lately?!?! Oy!!!

I told you on FB how much I love this...and I'm glad you are letting your muse create as it wants to -- one day you are into cubism, then you are into soft watercolour. A true artiste!!

As for apologizing for not need. You are expanding horizons and satisfying the needs within -- poetry, reading, art...this is all good!! What are you reading?!?!?

juls4real said...

Don't make me feel guilty for not posting, uggggg. Sending something out for you today. Kind of exciting knowing it is going across the ocean. Write on. Love your painting so much...I love watercolor so much.

xo, juls

Robin said...

This is just beautiful Carolyn! The flowers and colors are so cheerful this time of year!

PEA said...

Another beautiful painting, Carolyn, your talent is truly amazing. I hope you never tire of me saying that because I'll keep saying it:-) It certainly does NOT look like 60's wallpaper...let me at 'em! hehe

Good for you for working on writing a story! I've been organizing thousands of pictures the last few days. Should have seen my bedroom, pictures everywhere! lol I'm not quite done yet but the bulk of it has been put in order.

Have a wonderful week my friend. xoxox