Childhood Memories

Here`s an old British annual that we had over here , called Twinkle .

I remember it as a child ! I used to get a weekly magazine of it and i may have had an annual at some point . But it brings back so many good memories , and the images inside are so cute !

All pages from inside the annual

Retro sewing patterns

These are some retro sewing patterns i bought last week . They had not sold in a local charity shop i go in , so i asked the manageress , who knows me now , if i could have a look at them all .
I chose these ones , and got them all for 45p !
Can you believe that ! ! ?

I f anyone out there would like one , please leave me a comment and say so that you`re interested ! I `ll pick it for you ,and i have one up for grabs , at the mo !
I`ll post it to you for free , anywhere !

Teeny magnetic inspiration board

I didn`t have time to post this one last night , but here it is ......

It`s the last creation i was working on for Artsymama ... a teeny magnetic inspiration board
It`s made from an old tobacco lid , i`m using the bottom for something else .
6 by 4 inches , with lace stuck around , and a wallpaper sample stuck on .
The buttons are vintage , with a magnetic strip stuck on the back.
I know she won`t be able to put many things on it ! But i told her , i did a small version to show the idea.
There are holes on the top ready for it to be hung up , when she puts something on as i didn`t have time , and i wasn`t quite sure what to put on it !!


Altered fabric tie pocket

This is the creation i was on about .

I`m not sure if anyone else has made this , but i did a google search for it , and couldn`t find anything on it . If anyone out there has done one , please let me know !

It`s the large end of a tie , cut off , and sewn , this one is inside out , because i liked the lining more than the outer fabric. Then the smaller thin end is stuck inside to cover , but you don`t have to do that , i just decided to do that .

Then i added lace , and flowers to decorate it . And it`s a very cheap and easy way to do a pocket fabric tag !! With not much sewing involved and really easy to do . Have a go yourself !!

I also sent a retro tie to Kari ( Artsymama ) to have a go at doing one herself.

Thankyou package received by Artsymama !

I had an emai lfrom Artsymama to say she got her package from me yesterday .

So i can show some of the things i sent her , at last ! Below is just a few things i sent her ...

Tags ...

I did a few bird themed ones , other 2 shown on a prevoius post though , as i sent a sneaky peak email , for her to have alook at them !

This is an image from a bird book , a saying from a book , and a wax seal which i did myself.

A bird playing card is stuck on this . I found the pack at a charity shop by chance , they`re small ones , and i had to buy them ! Alittle vintage lace and buttons with fibres finishes it off .

A christmas one !
I know it`s very early , sorry !
but it`s just what i came up with !
It has vintage rickrack , minature postcard and real bells , as the berries and a button stuck on.

This is another christmas tag , with another minature postcard , vintage ribbon and a button with a flower rossette , and bells to look like berries again.


Spring clean .. your life . Todays everyday notion

I just managed to finish this tonight and put this on before i go to bed !

It`s on the theme of spring cleaning your life. Which Artsymama was on about , cleaning areas of your own personal space , like your work area / and your life .

The crepe paper and wallpaper is what i bought from Artsymama , thank-you ! ;o))

The image is from a 1950`s magazine , and the duster i made myself ! From feathers and a cut off piece of a chopstick .

This took me a little longer to do , which i don`t think it should have really ! But i like the end result !
I hope you do too !


Come into my garden ... Todays Everyday Notion

Here`s today`s creation
Our next door neighbours have had a new fence put in , the last few days , and it is finished now .
I then started looking at ours , abit of " keep up with the Jones`s " , started creeping in .
I then was daydreaming of how i would have it , and this is what i came up with .
I may do the otherside to the book , as mine are all in one sketch book . I have an idea and a picture , it depends if i have time today , or i may properly finish it at a later date . Which i hope is not cheating ! As i have at least done one page !!

This is the entrance to my walled garden .

I used a photocopy image i`ve had for ages , from a tree book. Lace and ribbons are hanging down .

I then cut the doors so you can see inside ....

The next photo shows it .

Here i used some lace effect paper as a backing , with an image cut from a magazine of a flower wreath , which says.. "we`re in the garden "

I enjoyed doing this one , as it`s abit different to what i`m used to doing !
Maybe i`ve learnt something , to try and broaden my horizons in my creativity ! And not keep to the same style....


Todays Notion ... Recycle ... Time to be a more thrifty crafter !

Here`s todays Notion challenge.

I got a charity bag posted , and i usually fill it with something , to get rid of my stuff , and make room for more ! Because i`d not been outside , only to the local shop for milk . I got thinking of recycling , and all the waste that goes to landfill sites , when some could be reused .

This is how this creation came about .
There`s some oddments of paper scraps , which normally i would`ve just thrown away , also the ribbon too ! There`s abottle cap , squashed down , a ring pull , piece cut from a plastic beaded necklace, a piece cut from a cork stopper from a bottle of wine , which would`ve got slung in the bin without thinking !
The fabric tag , bottom left . I found on the street ! someone had just thrown it , and not bothered to put it in the bin ! So i gingerly picked it up , as there were people around me ! The white spoon next to it is from a coffee i usually get on my way to work in a morning . Too cute to throw away , i thought ! ;o)
The wording , says recycle , which i wrote on mother of pearl discs , from an old necklace i had .
So i hope it gets you thinking at what you have , or find , and to make a good decision to recycle different objects and put it to better use !
Or as Artsymama`s post today said ...
" For as long as you want , leave everything empty . Soon you`ll see the whole world makes offerings ...

Everyday Notion No.. 3 .. Ruled by time ..

Here`s yesterdays notion , that i finshed today , .. as i didn`t have enough time to finish it !

Which i thought was quite apt for this one .

I was late up for work , missed a bus ! Then i was clock watching all day ! !

It was one of those days , when you`re late for everything and you can`t seem to get everything done ! I felt like the White Rabbit , from Alice in Wonderland , which is the main picture on it .

The tape measure / ruler , is to signify that we are all ruled by time in some sort of way , day to day .

The calendar tabs , is time already gone by , postage stamp from a certain date in time used ,

The diamonds are made over a long period of time - and last forever though ! The microscopic slide is real . I bought that yesterday , from a charity shop , it`s all things kept frozen in time inside the glass slide , of plants , which may over time become extinct .

Abit in depth i think is this one !!

My partner looked at it , and couldn`t really figure it out !! until i explained , and maybe , it`s a good job , we have to explain our reasons for the creations to viewers !!


Everyday Notion .... No.2... Welcome to Summer ..

Here`s my second Everyday Notion , Artsymama challenge !

I managed to do it in half an hour ! Which is something for me !

It came about , as we have had some sunny weather here , and it got me thinking of summertime , and the holiday season . Plus my boss is going on holiday next week , and mine isn`t until the end of August ! So it seems faraway !

The images are from a leaflet i got free in the post , when i got home later that day , and i was looking in it , and found these ! Which i think was pure luck !

I`ve had the shells for ages , and was wondering what to do , and also the tiny seed beads i stuck at the bottom. The backing paper is , handmade natural mango leaf paper , which i bought from work , and hey presto ! I came up with this !

The citrene nugget at the bottom , is what i`ve had lurking in my purse for ages ! And i thought it could be included in this , as it was a shame to hide it away ..!

I really enjoyed creating this one ! ;o)


Taking the Artsymama challenge !

I read on Artsymama`s blogspot about a book called Fools Gold by Susan Wooldridge , and it intrigued me .

It was the" everyday notions " to start with and which artsymama has set a challenge for anyone to take part in . You have to collect things from your daily life and either put them in a box , stick / glue to card / paper , whatever takes your fancy . The quote was " There`s evidence of hidden treasures within us all and all around us " .

Let them come to life as you arrange them in a college ...... Here`s mine ....

I decided on pasting in a book.
This was yesterdays , as i read the challenge late last night , and decided on the spur of the moment to just do it !
I finished sticking it tonight .

It`s all what happened during my day . How i noticed nature more , ie birds , flowers . I bought some old lace , some vintage buttons , looked at the library at home designs that`s the material on the right. And finally on a more personal note , the playing card with the number 1 is for the one phone call i was waiting for about news from my mum , from Australia , about my sister`s cancer treatment.And her name is Diane , hence the letter " D " stuck on.

I found this theraputic , and it didn`t take me long to do , it just seemed to flow out of me .

Only thing i`m having trouble with is buying the book !! But i WILL buy it !!

Thank you Artsymama for a brilliant challenge !!


Commissioned Gift - Garden Notebook

This was a present on gardening , as this person loved it . So i decided to make a garden notebook .

I covered a box with handmade paper , and padded the top , with garden themed images

The cover was covered in handmade paper again , with cuttings from a calendar , ribbon , and an envelope filled with garden words .
Then it was filled with plain / lined and graph paper . Which all had to be handcut to size !
Since making this , i have seen the recipient , and she says , she loves to use it !


Artsymama Interview !!

Here`s the much anticipated interview , ( for me anyway ! ) with Artsymama !

I started by asking her ...

What gives you the inspiration to create things , apart from reading other peoples blogs ?

I find inspiration all over the place. I really enjoy going to estate sales and get inspired by looking through other peoples old stuff. I also enjoy walking outdoors and find wonderful inspiration in nature. I'm always looking at the world around me and coming up with new ideas. I feel like the more I create the more ideas I come up with!

Do you get "artists block " at all ? And what do you do to overcome it ?
Sometimes I do. Many times after I "sleep on" something and come back fresh the next day, I have new ideas for it. I always trust the process. If I have a week that I'm not creating much, I'll go do other things like gardening, go for a walk, or take the kids swimming. I trust that after clearing my head, I will get back in the creating mode. It's a very organic process for me.

You`re a Buddhist now. Does it affect your creations , if at all ?

That's an interesting question. Yes, I do feel that it affects how I create. I am not attached to the outcome of my projects. I really create just for the sake of creating. That way whatever the outcome may be, it always feels authentic.

What would be your "perfect day" , if you could choose ANYTHING. And how would you spend it ? would take place in the hills of Tuscany. I would sleep as late as I could. Then sit around the house and eat breakfast rolls and do art. Then visit some local artists studios and shops. Walk into town for lunch and find a yummy deli for a sandwich and delicious dessert. In the afternooon I would take a walk with my kids somewhere really remote and beautiful and just take it all in. For dinner would be a big italian meal and wine. Maybe take in some local theater or music. Just running through that day in my head made me smile:)

What book are you reading at the moment ?

I just read Baby Love by Rebecca Walker. I read it in just a few sessions. She is such a thought provoking author. I'm reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver right now. I also always have a pile of home decorating books and magazines next to my bed. I constantly look to them for inspiration.

In an earlier blogpost , a wish of yours was to have a book published . what would the subject be ?

Something about living an authentic creative life. People always ask me how I "make" time for my art. My response is that I cannot imagine my life any other way. It is a part of my daily experience. I can't not express myself. I would probably call it, "How to be an Artsy Mama". hehe!

Have you created anything to sell on your Etsy shop , only to find you couldn`t part with it ! ?

Not yet. I love the joy that it brings to myself and others to send my stuff into the world. The feedback I get is priceless.

Any advice for people wanting to start creating things , or even doing a blog ?

Don't be afraid to put your art/crafts "out there" for the world to see. It doesn't have to be perfect. I try to post frequently. This really helps me to create much and often. I also love participating in swaps and round robin collaboratives. It helps me meet new people and it's very inspiring to see someone elses work in the flesh, actually hold it in your hand. I say, just do it!

What are your future plans ?

Creating, blogging, going to workshops, making new friends, new art...

How did you feel when you found out you were appearing in The Artful Blogging magazine ?
I was elated! My blog is a labor of love and it was so fun to hear that it's going to be in print. It's the very first time I've had my art published. I'm thrilled! It's such a wonderfully support art blog community, I can't wait to see the other blogs that will be featured.

Well , that`s it !
I tried to think of a few different questions for her , not the usual run of the mill ones , i hope !

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Artsymama for taking part in this . And i hope you`ve enjoyed reading it ! Also for giving me the photo to put on here as well , as she looks right now !


Altered Guitar Pick

This is an actual guitar pick i bought .

I covered it with 3 different colours of alcohol inks , stuck an altered game piece on with inks
, and a minature button.

To punch the hole in , if you`d like a go , you have to soak the pick in boiling water a few minutes to soften it , then do the hole . Or it will crack and break it !

Oriental ATC Card

This is my Oriental attempt .
I found this more difficult to do , as opposed to " vintage style "

It`s pretty simple , printed paper , cut up joss paper , 2 small washers with alcohol inks on , and painted chopsticks cut up .

I was going to call it.. " Golden Chopsticks " , but someone near and dear to me , said it sounded like a dodgey chinese takeaway !!
So i gave up !

My First Artist Trading card

This is my first ATC card i did , back in January this year .

This is what i started doing first , and i have only done a few , about 5 , i think , then " moved on " more to altering things .

The boot is made from some material from a bag i was throwing out , and it took quite a while to get it right , so i was happy with it .
I`m not sure i want to trade this one , as it`s my favorite !


Exclusive Jeanette Janson interview !!

Well , here`s the interview i did by email with Jeanette Janson , the Mixed Media artist !

Hopefully you`ll find abit more about her as i did .
I started off by asking .....
Can you tell me , what you did before you found your " niche " as a Mixed Media artist ?
I worked as an office manager . I have an accounting degree and did that for years.
I always did my art in my sparetime , but love the fact that i can do it full time now.
Have you a set routine for working , or is it a case of doing it when you get the feeling to be creative ?
I work on something almost everyday . I spend between 2 and 8 hours a day in my studio. i can usually work about 4 hours before i start feeling fatigued , then i take a break and try to recharge....change my enviroment and redirect my focus.
Do you get " artists block " at all , and if so , what do you do to overcome it ?
I have been very lucky lately, and have not had to deal with that. If i feel like something is not "working " , i will stick with it and keep trying new things until something clicks.
I feel very strongly about following my instincts and don`t mind putting in the time until something feels right.
What gives you the inspiration to make all your creations ?
Oh my gosh , everything !
I have so many ideas , sometimes i have to reel myself in and try to remain focused on one thing. Nature , colors , wonderful objects taht i find at flea markets , the list is endless !
On creating your assemblage artwork , do you have a certain thing in mind , or is it a case of looking at what you`ve acquired and going from there , for eg , the "Reflections " assemblage doll ?
I usually start looking through what i have , keeping in mind that i need the basic forms , body , maybe wings / arms , some kind of legs... as for the " Reflections " doll , i had that wonderful face printed on fabric and wanted to use it .It was so large , i had to put it on the body. I then tried to find a piece that would represent a head while not taking away from the face of the body.
Is there anything you have made , and can`t bear to part with ?
I have a large felt spirit doll that i made in a 2 day class that i want to keep. It was a fun class that i took while i was in Florida visiting my sister. I also have a few assemblages that have special places in my home .
You started your " blog " in October last year.
How do you find , if at all , the experience of " blogging " . Is it a means to just let people know what you`re doing or more of something for yourself ? A more cathartic experience ?
Blogging is fun , i have always enjoyed writing , my only complaint is that it takes time away from my artwork. I have met alot of great people through my blog and feel it is a wonderful means of communication.
Any advice for people out there wanting to start doing assemblage artwork ?
Check out estate sales , collectable shows , and auctions. Accumulate a reserve of things you can draw from. Relax and have fun , try to create your own style . Artists can be sensitive souls , do not be too harsh a critic on yourself , you do not want to stifle your creativity.
Is there anything you`re working on now , that you can tell us about ?
Birds and assemblage dolls seem to be my focus at the moment.
And what are your future plans ?
To continue my online sales and try to throw in a show or 2 a year.
Last question ... How`s the adorable Phoebe doing ?
We are falling more and more in love with her everyday :) She is becoming completely spoiled rotten .
Thank you Carolyn .
I`m hoping that was an informative read , as it took me a while to type it out !! I`m not the fastest one at that !
A BIG BIG THANKYOU !! To Jeanette , for taking time out of her creating , to answer my questions . And for sending the photo of herself for me to put on here .
I`m also waiting for Mixed Media jewellery lot from her in the post , winging it`s way to me now as i do this !! Especially hand picked by herself ! I can`t wait to have a look at what she`s chosen for me from her stash of goodies she`s got !! I`ll be posting a photo on here when i receive it !