Everyday Notion .... No.2... Welcome to Summer ..

Here`s my second Everyday Notion , Artsymama challenge !

I managed to do it in half an hour ! Which is something for me !

It came about , as we have had some sunny weather here , and it got me thinking of summertime , and the holiday season . Plus my boss is going on holiday next week , and mine isn`t until the end of August ! So it seems faraway !

The images are from a leaflet i got free in the post , when i got home later that day , and i was looking in it , and found these ! Which i think was pure luck !

I`ve had the shells for ages , and was wondering what to do , and also the tiny seed beads i stuck at the bottom. The backing paper is , handmade natural mango leaf paper , which i bought from work , and hey presto ! I came up with this !

The citrene nugget at the bottom , is what i`ve had lurking in my purse for ages ! And i thought it could be included in this , as it was a shame to hide it away ..!

I really enjoyed creating this one ! ;o)

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Amy P said...

These are beautiful collages! wow only 30 minutes! That's great :)