Everyday Notion No.. 3 .. Ruled by time ..

Here`s yesterdays notion , that i finshed today , .. as i didn`t have enough time to finish it !

Which i thought was quite apt for this one .

I was late up for work , missed a bus ! Then i was clock watching all day ! !

It was one of those days , when you`re late for everything and you can`t seem to get everything done ! I felt like the White Rabbit , from Alice in Wonderland , which is the main picture on it .

The tape measure / ruler , is to signify that we are all ruled by time in some sort of way , day to day .

The calendar tabs , is time already gone by , postage stamp from a certain date in time used ,

The diamonds are made over a long period of time - and last forever though ! The microscopic slide is real . I bought that yesterday , from a charity shop , it`s all things kept frozen in time inside the glass slide , of plants , which may over time become extinct .

Abit in depth i think is this one !!

My partner looked at it , and couldn`t really figure it out !! until i explained , and maybe , it`s a good job , we have to explain our reasons for the creations to viewers !!

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Amy P said...

What a great way to put your feelings on paper! Hope you caught up eventually :)