Taking the Artsymama challenge !

I read on Artsymama`s blogspot about a book called Fools Gold by Susan Wooldridge , and it intrigued me .

It was the" everyday notions " to start with and which artsymama has set a challenge for anyone to take part in . You have to collect things from your daily life and either put them in a box , stick / glue to card / paper , whatever takes your fancy . The quote was " There`s evidence of hidden treasures within us all and all around us " .

Let them come to life as you arrange them in a college ...... Here`s mine ....

I decided on pasting in a book.
This was yesterdays , as i read the challenge late last night , and decided on the spur of the moment to just do it !
I finished sticking it tonight .

It`s all what happened during my day . How i noticed nature more , ie birds , flowers . I bought some old lace , some vintage buttons , looked at the library at home designs that`s the material on the right. And finally on a more personal note , the playing card with the number 1 is for the one phone call i was waiting for about news from my mum , from Australia , about my sister`s cancer treatment.And her name is Diane , hence the letter " D " stuck on.

I found this theraputic , and it didn`t take me long to do , it just seemed to flow out of me .

Only thing i`m having trouble with is buying the book !! But i WILL buy it !!

Thank you Artsymama for a brilliant challenge !!

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ArtsyMama said...

Thanks so much for taking on the challenge. I love this and love your explanation of it. Wonderful work!!