Come into my garden ... Todays Everyday Notion

Here`s today`s creation
Our next door neighbours have had a new fence put in , the last few days , and it is finished now .
I then started looking at ours , abit of " keep up with the Jones`s " , started creeping in .
I then was daydreaming of how i would have it , and this is what i came up with .
I may do the otherside to the book , as mine are all in one sketch book . I have an idea and a picture , it depends if i have time today , or i may properly finish it at a later date . Which i hope is not cheating ! As i have at least done one page !!

This is the entrance to my walled garden .

I used a photocopy image i`ve had for ages , from a tree book. Lace and ribbons are hanging down .

I then cut the doors so you can see inside ....

The next photo shows it .

Here i used some lace effect paper as a backing , with an image cut from a magazine of a flower wreath , which says.. "we`re in the garden "

I enjoyed doing this one , as it`s abit different to what i`m used to doing !
Maybe i`ve learnt something , to try and broaden my horizons in my creativity ! And not keep to the same style....

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ArtsyMama said...

Neat how you used the doors. Great work!